Can I provide for my family?

Poverty stricken families in Mexico are faced with this question daily. Low wages force these families to choose between medical care, food, school, or a place to live. What would you choose?

Yes You Can!

Amor 365 provides the funds needed to allow the local leaders & residents to take care of their community. The gift of a house lets these families now choose school or preventative health and gives them a chance to take a breath, maybe for the first time in their lives.

We have seen thousands of families' lives changed when they receive a home.



“The families are totally transformed. These families that were once sad, today, there are smiles on their faces.” 
Pastor Cesar, Tijuana
“For many years, the only thing that protected my children from being the victims of human trafficking, was a blanket hanging over our door. Not only did my children and I receive a safe home, it is also a safe place for me to lead a Bible study for the women in our community. My family and my community are being restored.” 
Susana Lopez, Tecate
"Now my children are safe and warm; we can all sleep safely. Throughout the past several years I felt hopelessness looking at my children suffering from the weather, the lack of food and housing, but not anymore."
Ramon Escalero, Caborca

The Amor 365 Agreement

Our agreement to you and your group.


Lead Locally

Local community leaders decide what issues in their community need help from outside sources. They know best.


Resource Locally

Your money is spent in the local economy when we source building materials and food. Two houses built per week create 14 full-time jobs.


Participate Globally

Life-changers, like you, from around the world bring their resources together to expand their individual impact.


Shared Accountability

Resources go to the people you want to impact. An independent third party audits Amor every year.



You will get the experience you expect to get or we'll make it right.

How It Works

  1. Community faith leaders qualify a family.
  2. Your gift is combined with gifts from around the world.
  3. Locals build a home alongside their neighbors.
  4. Faith leaders cultivate an ongoing relationship with the family.
  5. You receive a story each month about the impact made with your gift.

Start Transforming Lives!

Download Our Guide To Discover Four Ways A House Transforms A Family

Our mission at Amor is to keep families together.

During our 38 years working alongside families, we have noticed four key transformative elements that come with owning a home.

Download this informative guide that explains the four key elements. You might find they are exactly what you desire for your family.


Your $15 each month



Some families we meet live in caves, some under cardboard boxes, and some with termite-infested walls. When the rain pours into their houses, they can literally collapse on them causing potentially fatal conditions. By providing a new house, we provide a stable condition and lower the anxiety that comes with life-threatening conditions.

"On windy days our old house would fall over, now with our new home we no longer have to worry about the winds or storms that pass through our neighborhood."



There are costs associated with education in Mexico. Bills for school uniforms and supplies can sometimes be more than a week's worth of income for a family. By providing a new house, we help to free up resources to pay for these expenses, as well as help create a better learning environment for the kids.

"My son now has space to do homework without distractions, which I've noticed has helped him to stay focused."





With poor housing conditions, families are more susceptible to diseases from ticks, termites, weather-related illnesses, and other medical issues due to lack of proper food and sanitation. By providing a new house, families can use their resources for clean water, more nutritious food, to pay off medical bills, and to avoid extreme weather.

"My son lost movement in his legs due to a tick infestation in the room we were staying in. Now after receiving a new home, we can get treatment for his condition."




It is difficult to see the end of a long road when no one is there to walk with you. Imagine living in a state of constant turmoil and feeling stuck, and then meeting a group who wants to walk alongside you and remind you that you are not alone, that you are loved.

"Thank you for the rooms you built with love and helping me build a legacy for my daughter."