Mexico Mission Trips

Equipping Your Group To Serve

Amor provides each missions team with the tools and resources that are necessary to build a home alongside a family in need. Amor carefully selects the home site, provides standard building plans, and equips each group to complete a home in about 4 days. While on your Amor Mission Trip, missions teams will stay in conditions similar to those of the families they are serving.

Since 1980, Amor has been perfecting the house building process in Mexico, making this the safest, most efficient, affordable trip possible. We've worked with over 330,000 volunteers to build over 17,300 homes. Amor typically builds an 11’x22’, two-room home with a concrete floor, stucco-finished exterior, weather sealed roof, two windows, and a door. An Amor house is a simple design, built according to the standards of the community so that a group without skilled labor or power tools can still complete the project.

The need is still staggering for millions of families in Mexico. Continue reading to discover more about the need and how Amor partners with the local community to meet those needs.


The Need

photo1444 47% Below poverty line
photo1443 9 Million+ Homes needed
photo1443 25% Underemployment
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Locations & Dates

We are all about flexibility at Amor.  You can work for as long as you want within the dates that work for you!

Baja California Year Round! Register
Puerto Peñasco February, March, September, October Register

Or, download and submit a registration form 2016 Mexico Mission Trip Registration

Map showing the locations of Baja California and Puerto Penasco

2016 Mexico Mission Trip Pricing

 0 Nights1 Night2 Nights3 Nights4 Nights5 Nights
1 Work Day $50 $50 $50      
2 Work Days   $190 $190 $190    
3 Work Days     $325 $325 $325  
4 Work Days       $350 $350 $350
5 Work Days         $395 $395

Trip Cost

Amor Mission Trips to Mexico are based on the number of work days and nights the group desires. A typical Amor Mission Trip in Mexico is 4-days and 5-nights.

Camping Fee: 

A new camp and new opportunities.  We have moved our main camp in Tijuana one mile west; "Rancho" camp is now "La Hacienda".  We are asking all of groups who stay at the new camp in 2016 to pay a $5 per person camping fee to cover the cost of developing the camp and preparing for the arrival of our spring groups.


What is Included

At Amor we strive to keep your trip costs as low as possible.  And even with the low prices the trip includes all of these things to help guide you on your trip!

photo1435On-site Amor Staff
photo1434Secure Campground
photo1438Amor Trip Shirt
photo1433Bucket Showers
photo1432Building Materials
photo1431Building Manual
photo1437Escort to/from Mexico
photo1436Family Bio

Optional Add-Ons

We know planning an Amor Trip can be hard work.  There are a lot of details and materials to figure out.  These optional add-ons are available to help make your planning easier and make the trip smoother.

Large Tools $250/set
Full Tools $350/set
photo1476Drinking Water Program
photo1474Community Engagement
Pre-poured foundation*
*request to have the local community pour the foundation for the new home before your group arrives.  This is a great option for smaller groups or groups who want to spend fewer days on the worksite.

We have learned a lot in over 30+ years of ministry. These resources will go a long way to help you plan your next trip!

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