Mission Trips to Mexico

Very simply, the singular focus of Amor is the mobilizing of volunteers to build simple homes for poor Mexican families. As a result, Amor has made an enormous impact for more than 17,000 families.

Young boy helps apply stucco on an Amor home in Mexico
participants stucco a home on a Mexico Mission trip
working alongside the family on a Mexico mission trip
building the roof of a new home on a Mexico Mission trip
children awaiting their new home on a Mexico mission trip
participants building a home on a Mexico mission trip
a happy child inside her new home in Mexico
participants put the roof onto a new home in Mexico
participants put tar paper on a new house in Mexico
children playing outside their new home
participants putting chicken wire on a new home in Mexico
participants cutting a board on a Mexico mission trip

Mission Trip Opportunities in Mexico

Amor aims to provide each mission team with the tools and resources that are necessary to build a home for a needy family.

Mission Trips for Individuals

Trips for Individuals

Come as an individual or small group

On these trips we take care of everything!  You just have to get here.  Come on your own, bring a friend, your family or a large group.  We promise a trip you will always remember.

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Mission Trips for Families

Trips for Families

Family Camp June 14-21, 2014

This trip will impact your family in ways you could not even imagine.  As you work together to build a home for a family in need you will be building stronger bonds and joy in your family.

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Mission trips for Groups

Trips for Groups

Bring your group anytime of the year!

Bring a group of any size, for as many days as you want, any time of the year to change the lives of those in your group and a family in need.  Mobilize your group to make a lasting impact.

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Country Profile

When Mexican pastors are asked what the greatest need is in their community, adequate housing is the answer. Without a decent place to live, people cannot be productive members of society, children cannot learn and families cannot thrive. In Mexico, however, affordable housing is an impossible goal for millions of families. Many family providers work between eight and ten hours per day and are paid a couple dollars for their work. If there is a rainstorm that washes out the road, or another such occurrence, people are unable to get to work to feed their families. Without the support of governmental systems, even small disasters, such as a rainstorm, prevent Mexican workers from providing food for their families, much less providing adequate housing. Even if every family in Mexico could afford one, there are simply not enough homes to satisfy the demand.

Because of this housing crisis, numerous other social problems emerge. Increased crime, poor education, malnutrition and low self-worth affect millions of parents who cannot provide for their children. Most children in Mexico’s orphanages were abandoned because their parents were unable to provide for them. While Amor may not be able to provide all of Mexico’s poor with a home, the ministry can make a life changing difference in families such as the Monteros.

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Mexico Mission Trip


Below poverty line

9 Million+

Homes needed



Building the Church

Since its founding more than thirty years ago, Amor has built homes to minister to the Mexican people and to open doors for evangelism. Initially, the focus was on serving the needs of orphanages, but the organization realized that by building individual homes, they could help keep families together and children out of orphanages. Involving the expertise of local Mexican pastors, Amor began providing housing for poor families while focusing on the needs of the local church. Today, local Mexican pastors nominate families to receive an Amor home, and commit to work closely with the family throughout the process.

Partnering with Local Pastors

Although Amor is based in the United States, local Mexican churches guide and advise the ministry activities. While Amor funds the projects and provides the manpower, the ministry’s presence is temporary. Amor’s work in Mexico is not for Americans to be recognized. It is the Mexican Ministry Planning Board (MMPB), a group of established, local pastors, who accomplish the long-term mission of Amor. Often maintaining a full-time job and pastoring a congregation, these men assist Amor as volunteers, deciding which families can most benefit from an Amor home and ministering to each family throughout the entire process.

Once the house is completed, pastors offer on-going support, including church invitations and practical aid. The transition into a home is full of unexpected challenges. Many families rely upon the church to help them adjust to life in a home and equip them for success.

Many of those who receive a new home are not Christians, and these homes provide a natural bridge to the local church as well as an open door for evangelism. The ultimate hope of Amor is that through the generous gift of a home, individuals will better comprehend the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Process

The pastors interview prospective families, create biographical sketches outlining individual needs and select the neediest families to receive homes. Pastors utilize the following eight basic criteria in selecting and prioritizing families:

  • Current housing situation – Where are they living right now?
  • Time period – How long has the family been living in these conditions?
  • Family size – How many people live in the current conditions?
  • Income – What is the family’s collective income?
  • Transience – How long has the family lived in the community?
  • Health – Are there any health problems that having a home would make easier to solve?
  • Age – Does the family care for very young or very old members?
  • Resources – Does the family have other resources (e.g. a family member with housing for them in another town)?

The Latest From the Field

Read the latest updates of our work in Mexico.