Amidst the Craziness of Life, Can You Serve in a Meaningful Way?

We are women, beautifully made in the image of God to do good works! In today's world, it can be difficult to find time to do the good we are capable of doing. Work and family commitments consume our day and leave little time to serve in a meaningful way.

Like a lot of women, you have probably participated in minstry for women and have been left wondering if your full potential has been realized.

Can there be a mission trip for women that shows your strength as a woman?

Yes You Can!

Amor Founder, Gayla Cooper Congdon, created the Women of Strength Impact Trip for women from all around the world to come together and build a home alongside a family in South Africa. Not only is a complete home built, but culture is shared through story telling, cooking, crafts and dancing. The history of Apartheid in South Africa is taught by those who experienced it. We minister alongside pastors and their churches in the township of Botleng. 

Ultimately, we show that when women come together and serve together, everyone is stronger.

Trip Details

Tentative Schedule

Day 1: Arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa

Day 2: Welcome, training, and rest at Ebenezer Farm

Day 3: A Day in Soweto: tour, shopping and dinner

Day 4: Community Event:  “Day of Reconciliation”

Day 5: Attend a local church

Day 6-10: Build a home and participate in children’s outreach

Day 10: House dedications and celebration

Day 11: Breakfast, clean up and depart for airport


Who Can Come?

Women who are 10 years of age and older may attend.  

(Anyone under 18 must have a guardian with them.)



July 25- August 4, 2018



Botleng-Delmas, South Africa



All inclusive trip cost: $1400.00* (Excluding airfare to and from Johannesburg, South Africa and shopping.)

*$100 of the trip cost will go towards scholarships for local women.

After you register, a registration fee of $200 is needed to secure your space. 

What Women are Saying

"We did build two houses, but we also built so much more. We built relationships, we learned about their culture and not to be judgmental on issues that we couldn’t possibly understand. Above all, we built good friendships between all of us who came on this amazing trip, sharing the highs and the lows. All in all it was an experience I will treasure and I’m sure there is more to come."
Sandie Potts, United Kingdom
"Mums, be prepared to discover a strength in your daughter that you may never have seen, when you step back, surrender her to God, and let her shine. Throughout the trip, a strength grew within her and she found her voice and stood firm. She was able to see that regardless of gender and age, a person can be a world changer and have an impact on the lives of others."
Danni Brown, Australia
"For me, this trip means a whole lot more than just a mother-daughter time. This trip means my daughter and I not only have the opportunity to serve alongside dozens of women from around the globe, but alongside each other - and this in itself just brings a smile to my face."
Chippo Makwakwa, United States

The Amor Agreement

Our agreement to you and your group.


Lead Locally

Local community leaders decide what needs in their community need help from outside sources. They know best.


Resource Locally

Your money is spent in the local economy when we source building materials and food. Two houses built per week create 14 full-time jobs.


Participate Globally

Life-changers, like you, from around the world bring their resources together to expand their individual impact.


Shared Accountability

Resources go to the people you want to impact. An independent third party audits Amor every year.



You will get the experience you expect to get or we'll make it right.

Be a Woman of Strength

  1. Talk with a Woman of Strength.
  2. Follow our easy and comprehensive planning guide.
  3. Show up in South Africa and show your strength!
  4. After your return home, write down your experience and share it with someone.
  5. Give $15/month to Amor 365 to ensure more families have a safe place to live.

Talk with a
Woman of Strength

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How do I prepare for the most impact on my WOS trip?

Download the Mission Trip Before and After Guide. This guide will help you prepare for cross-cultural service and help you process what you learned after the trip.

What's included:

  • Complete before trip training to get you in the mindset of a learner.
  • Complete after trip debrief to process and apply what you learned on the trip.