3 Ways to Make an Awesome Trip Even More Awesome

April 13, 2014 by Forrest Fowler


So you’re going on a missions trip, awesome! But how can you make what is sure to be an awesome trip, even more awesome?! Here are a few ways that might help out

  1. Prepare yourself for the trip. More than just checking to see that you remembered your toothbrush, preparation is key. Start praying about the trip both on your own and with others. Start to develop a ‘missions mindset’ Preparing before you leave will help you to take what you are going to learn during the trip and live it out once you get back.  Remember to be a learner and be a servant, not an expert and a boss.

  2. Be present during your trip. Don’t become so focused on what you are doing (building the house) that you forget to look around and interact with those around you. Building the house is only a small part of what you are doing. The bigger part is relationships. Spend time with your co-workers and those you are serving. Take some pictures, play soccer, skip rope, play duck, duck, goose. Remember that you are representing Christ and the church. People are watching you.

  3. Debrief your trip with someone. Spend time with someone who can help you ‘unpack’ your trip. During that time, have them help you pick out one or two quick stories and a few photos to share with others when they ask you about your trip. That way you will keep others interest in what you are so passionate about without overwhelming them. Remember that you spent a week or so living your experience and stories. There is no way that you can expect them to understand it all in a few minutes. Share your favorite stories without overwhelming. I like a comparison to a puppy. People are happy to see you and you to see them. Don’t get so excited to see and share with them that you end up peeing all over them. Nobody likes that.

 The very first step to make an awesome trip, more awesome, is to go!

Get out there and serve. Somewhere, anywhere! And I highly recommend a trip with Amor Ministries!

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