5 Tips for Fundraising for Your Mission Trip

January 3, 2018 by Amor

Fundraising for a Mission Trip can be a daunting task.  Here are some tips that we recommend to help you on this journey.

  1. Pray. Pray….then pray more. It is important always to remember that God is the provider of all that we need.  Forgetting to include him in this process as we forge ahead can be an easy, but an unfortunate thing to do.  Seek him first. Always.

  2. Get a Handle on the Costs. Know how much the trip costs and how much you are responsible for raising. If you are planning for an entire group, make sure you include travel costs and administrative fees. Be prepared to share with potential donors what their gift is going towards.

  3. Create a Team Strategy.  How much will you raise as a group, how much will your church/organization contribute, and how much is each person responsible for contributing on their own? In order to lower individual costs many groups do team fundraisers such as garage sales, car washes, and fundraising dinners. This also gives the larger community a chance to be a part of the trip even if they can't go on the trip.

  4. Invite People to Participate.  In our do-it-yourself society, it is hard for us to ask others for help. As long as you keep the mindset that you are asking for help, it will continue to be hard. Instead, reframe your mindset to inviting people to contribute to something meaningful to them. Yes, people will decline, but they can't accept unless they are invited. See how to write a support letter.

  5. Give updates.  Once someone gives to you financially they become a partner in mission with you.  As a partner, they deserve to know what the status is of your trip, what your experience was like, and how it changed you.  Make sure you communicate early and often with your supporters.

You can do this!

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