6 Things You Should Not Bring On Your Mission Trip to Mexico

December 22, 2016 by Amor


We asked the staff what they would tell someone not to bring on their trip to Mexico. Here is their advice:

    1. Electronic Devices: Leave those electronic devices at home for two reasons. First, there is no where to plug them in. Our camps are intentionally rustic to give you a small glimpse into the daily life of the family you will be building alongside of. Second, why would you spend the money and travel the distance to transform lives to just do what you can do on your couch at home? Get rid of the distractions and live the experience! *We do accommodate medically necessary devices. Please let us know your needs before you arrive!

    2. Used clothing Donations: Due to their proximity to San Diego, Tijuana gets flooded with used clothing donations. Restrictions on importing used clothes have been put in place to try and protect local merchants in their city. 

    3. Expensive Personal Items: Leave your jewelry at home. You will be on a construction site, working with cement. Likewise, leave expensive clothing at home. You will have no use for it at camp or the work site.

    4. An Outfit for Every Day: Yes, you do need clothes. No, you don't need a set for every day. Two pairs of trousers are more than enough. Everyone is going to be dirty. Our staff suggests that you layer your outfits. Bring a light jacket that can block the wind and rain.

    5. Unnecessary Toiletries: The women on staff say that too much makeup will be a hindrance while building a home. Focus on applying sunscreen instead. Also, remember the travel size shampoo you took from the hotel? That's the perfect size to bring.

    6. Expectations: This one is the hardest to unpack, but it's perhaps more important than all of the others. If you pack expectations, you’ll have no room left for the experience of the new trip to shape your heart. Every trip is different, and each family that you serve will have their own unique story. Regardless of how awesome your last trip was, make sure to leave the expectations behind, and treat each mission trip as if it was your first.

So, what is the one thing our staff says you should not forget? A solar shower!

Now find out what you should pack!House Building Mission Trips

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