Six Ways the Amor Three Day Trip is Different

May 9, 2015 by Forrest Fowler Amor Three Day Trips are one of the specialty trips that Amor offers in addition to our ‘standard’ mission trips. There are several of them offered throughout the year, and they are a great way to introduce yourself or your group to short-term cross-cultural missions trips. Here are six ways the Amor Three Day Trips are unique.

  1. The Amor Three Day Trip combines individuals and groups to make teams that are united to build a home for a family in need. Team members come from all across the US and we also occasionally have team members from other countries as well. You have the chance to make lifelong friendships and serve with people from all over. You’ll be able to work with a diverse group of people. Participants come as individuals, families, co-workers, and small youth groups.

  1. You won’t have to pour the concrete slab! You will arrive on site and jump right into the fun stuff. The slab will have been poured before you arrive.

  1. All the logistics of the trip will be taken care of for you! You don’t need to worry about gathering tools, borrowing a tent, planning and buying food, or arranging transportation. It is all included on the Amor Three Day Trip. It’s like you have your own personal chef!

  1. You work very closely with the Amor staff. Because these are Amor led trips, we provide all the leadership for the trip. We’ll be your on-site guide for the house building process. It’s a great way to get to know Amor team members on a deeper level because of the more focused attention they will be able to give to your group.

  1. Evening speakers are included. Each night we have the opportunity to hear from one of our local pastors and usually one of the founders of Amor. Learn more about Amor’s history, future, and how it is impacting the communities where we work.

  1. Your own personal chauffeur. Amor provides all the transportation for the trip so you can gaze out the windows and take in your surroundings without concerning yourself with trying to understand unfamiliar traffic patterns or how to get back to camp at the end of the day. It also means that your wait at the border when returning home is typically shorter as well.

If you are interested in joining us for the Amor Three Day Trip you can read more about them here on our website or give Forrest Fowler a call at (619)662-1200 x149.



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