A look back to Women of Strength South Africa

July 26, 2014 by LaDonna

The team of Women of Strength is leaving South Africa today. This is a quick look back at their week of building hope and reconciliation

Wednesday July 16, 2014:

Leaders April, Chipo and Melinda arrived on the morning. After a quick nap, they began prep work. In the evening: Danni, Maddy, and Deb arrived from Australia. We put together Women of Strength goodie bags.



Thursday July 17, 2015:

Twenty five more women join in. The farm where we are all staying is hopping with 82 Brits, 3 Australians and 40 Americans. WOS and Urban Saints teams as well as a family from the USA working to build homes in South Africa.

We also get to meet eight local ladies from Botleng who'll be working with us. I have to contain some of my excitement as not to overwhelm them.


Friday July 20, 2014:

We visit the Ikageng Children Center. Watch this video about Carol, the founder/director of the center:

Ikageng Itireleng Aids Ministry from keepachildalive on Vimeo.

Saturday July 19, 2014:

While Urban Saints and a family from the States finished their two homes and hand out the keys, the Women of Strength team regroups to get our mission started.

This year’s battle cry: In Step With God!

Sunday July 20, 2014:

We say goodbye to our Urban Saints friends and to the Whitehead family. After breakfast, they leave off to Nkosi’s Heaven to play with dear children before heading to the airport.

WOS visits Pastor Jactob’s church in Botleng. It is an amazing worship experience filled with dancing and rejoicing.

After church, we go to Soweto. Peter Jeffrey gives us an amazing tour, which includs Nelson Mandela’s home.

For dinner we go to Wandies, where we enjoy a buffet with smashed potatoes, pap, beef, fried chicken feet, tripe and much more.


Monday July 21, 2014:




Tuesday July 22, 2014:


Wednesday July 23, 2014:

Getting the houses ready to stucco for the next couple days. 


Thursday July 24, 2014:


Friday July 25, 2014:


Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. 


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