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May 5, 2015 by Amor

We are constantly in awe of the passion and talent that inspires many of our participants and volunteers to create videos, images, and multimedia art from their Amor experience. Such was the case of Maddy Cunningham who created a documentary during her last visit to Puerto Peñasco.  


Maddy Cunningham is a soon-to-be senior in Multimedia Journalism Video Production and Theatre Performance at Oklahoma State University. She learned about Amor approximately six years ago when her family moved churches to Washington Ave. Christian Church in Amarillo, TX and was asked to come along with them to Puerto Peñasco.

From her very first trip she says she was “hooked.”

“I've wanted to do a documentary about the building process and Amor as a whole since I decided to study videography. This last year was the first I'd been able to come back since starting college and, since I currently have fancy equipment and awesome programs at my fingertips, I pulled a few strings, snagged some gear from my university (with permission, of course) and filmed as much as I could during the week I was there. Simply put, Amor is a fantastic company and I just wanted their story to be told and to help them reach as many people as possible.”  Maddie Cunningham. 

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