An Unforgettable House Build Assignment

October 5, 2017 by Katrina Thomas


Earlier this year, Plano Christian Church challenged its congregation to have enough volunteers to build a double-build house. These larger houses take more time and elbow grease, thus requiring more manpower to push through to completion. Enthusiasm grew and they were able to lock-in 25 participants to join them. These 25 participants were excited to partner alongside Amor in helping make a difference.

When the team arrived to camp and received their house-build assignment, they couldn't believe what they were told. Not only was this house going to be a home, but a church for a neighborhood.

Church participant, Mayra Johnson, was filled with joy as she heard the news. She grew up as a pastor's daughter and so having the opportunity to invest her time and energy into building a church for a community was a dream.

She left the weekend ecstatic sharing,

"As a member of a church I was delighted to know that our church, Plano Christian Church, had a piece in the church planting/building of this place that will bring many families to Christ!!"

It is through our partnerships with the local church that we are able to best support the communities where we build. They are the ones caring for the people in their community every day, and for that we are incredibly grateful.

Will you join us in our partnership with the local church and neighborhoods of Tijuana by booking a build?

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