Answers to the Top 10 Questions about an Amor Mission Trip
August 3, 2014

Are we able to use our driver’s license to cross the border or is a passport required?

Every person 18 years or older is required to have a passport. Persons 17 years and younger do not need a passport and can travel with a certified copy of their birth certificate. If minors have passports, please use that as their form of identification.

What is the minimum and maximum of people we should have?

Amor recommends 18 people as the minimum group size to build a single house. However, there is no problem if you have more or less than the recommended numbers. We know group sizes fluctuate in the planning stages of the trip, and we are glad to work with you; there is no monetary penalty for changes in group size.

We have different group members arriving for the trip on different days. Can this work?

We will do our best to accommodate your group’s needs. The most important part is that you clearly communicate those needs, so we know how to serve you best. Be in communication with your Mission Trip Coordinator throughout the planning process, and they can help you have a plan in place. We work very hard to make sure your mission trip experience is the best it can be.

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