Don't Expect Luggage to Arrive: A memoir by Dan Irving
December 26, 2013

Author Dan Irving went on his first mission trip with Amor in 2004. A year later he started writing about his experiences in 2005. He was following a hunch that he was being “hounded by heaven” and that he was going to, “follow it where ever it took me.” As he began to become more familiar with Amor, he started to investigate if there was any connection between Amor and his experiences in 1973 in Birmingham, England where he got arrested as an “undesirable alien” because of his illegal charitable work with the gypsies. “I first started this journey to discover if what happened in England was connected in any way with Amor. I had a hunch that it was because I started learning about Amor and about what happened in Tijuana, at an orphanage, and thinking they are connected.” Once Dan started connecting those two “dots” after talking with Amor CEO, Scott Congdon, “I had no confirmation until I started talking with Scott. I had no idea until he confirmed it to me and it put a fire under me!” “Wow, these two distant things, which appear so far apart in time are actually related and connected. I knew that’s not what started Amor, but it was a seed and was a part of starting Amor,” exclaimed Dan.

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