Come: The Art of Showing Up

February 11, 2016 by Jordan Congdon
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 Landscape of Tijuana.  The Art of Showing Up

One of the most underrated qualities in our world today is an individual or a group’s ability to “show up” - and by “show up,” I simply mean to just be there, to do what you say you’re going to do, and even more than that, to “show up” when it isn’t even expected.

Within this “Art of Showing Up,”  we find that individuals and groups do so for many different reasons.  People can “show up” because they operate in their daily lives out of obligation.  They can “show up” because they enjoy being around people.  They “show up” because they hate being alone.  Or, they can even “show up” because they have a desire to serve and help others.  

While these may often be the predominant reasons for “showing up,” in this space we are more concerned with the state of expectation that can be found in the “Art of Showing Up.”  In any and every circumstance, we all carry with us a set of expectations.  Some of us have more expectations while others of us only have a few.  Nevertheless, we all have those moments where our expectations are through the roof.  We “show up” because we are expecting something to happen… we are desiring a transformation... maybe we are even hoping for a miracle.  And so, we “show up” and the stage is set.

In the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Luke, there is at least one such story.  The fifteenth chapter tells us about a man that is paralyzed and his friends who had heard about this man, Jesus.  

Some time before this day, Jesus had been in the synagogue and he said some strange things about him fulfilling ancient Scripture, in particular that bit in Isaiah about good news for the poor, release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, the oppressed going free, and a proclaiming of the year of the Lord’s favor.  He also said some other things that got some of the people angry, so they ran him out of town.  Then, he went on to help a guy get rid of a demon, he healed a girl with a fever, and he cleansed a leper.  He even started to put together his group of disciples, the men that he had selected to follow him, men that would walk so closely with him that their job was to “cover themselves in the dust of their teacher.”  

One day while Jesus was teaching (at home), a large crowd gathered, including the religious elite in the area.  They were all very intent on hearing his words - they wanted a new teaching, some fresh insight from the Scriptures.  This was their expectation when they “showed up.”

But then, there was that group of friends, one of them being a paralyzed man.  Who knows what they were up to on this day?  Perhaps it was business as usual.  Whatever it was, they got word that the man who had been teaching and healing throughout the area was just down the street from them.  And so, with great expectation they “showed up.”  To their dismay, there was no way to get near Jesus.  The area was jam packed, and the room he was in, not even an inch to move.  And so, they adapted to their situation and discussed other means to get the paralyzed friend to Jesus.  Looking at the building, they decided to take their friend up on the roof and get him in that way.  They did whatever it took to “show up” and get their friend in front of Jesus because they had a great expectation of what could happen.

Within minutes, the paralyzed man and his friends walked out of that room, glorifying God because of a healed body as well as the forgiveness of sin.  

They had “shown up” with great expectation… and the miraculous happened.  

And for the rest of the crowd that “showed up” to see Jesus that day, their lives would never be the same.  They had never seen anything quite like this.  In fact, many walked away saying, “We have seen strange things today.”

This is exactly what we think about at Amor when we say Come.Build.Hope.  

We say Come because we believe that when you show up to build alongside of a family with great expectations of God, God’s desire is to exceed our expectations.   

So Come. Come to build. Come to bring hope. Come with great expectations.  And see what happens just because you “showed up”.  

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