Experience A Radical Transformation This Summer: Introducing Project Transform

January 21, 2016 by Jordan Congdon
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Participants experiencing a life changing moment during an Impact trip with AmorFernando Sanchez shares with a group from Pepperdine University about the obstacles families in Mexico face. Photo courtesy of Cecily Breeding

Brian “Head” Welch is approached by his real estate broker with a writing from Scripture, Matthew 11:28, “Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” And he goes to Jesus for just that - rest.  A tweaked out, drug addicted man who was neglecting his daughter - transformed forever into to a loved and loving father.

Fashion is Charlotte Instone’s great passion and as she pursues this passion, she connects with God’s heart for those living in poverty and God’s passion for justice. A young woman with a passion - transformed forever into a justice creator, a social entrepreneur - educating the masses on the global impact of the fashion industry and developing a company called Know the Origin in order to create transparent supply chains and end human trafficking.

Scott Congdon goes on a day trip to an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico where he meets children that sleep five to a bed and eat rice, beans and tortillas for every meal, and he is transformed forever.  A man with a steady job and opportunities for corporate upward mobility, he becomes a jobless servant who would soon become one of the founders of Amor Ministries - bringing hope to the hopeless.

While on the Road to Damascus, Saul of Tarsus meets the resurrected Jesus and instantly he is transformed forever - a great persecutor of the new Jesus movement, transformed into one of its greatest spokespersons of all time.

These moments of transformation are spaces that can be either instantaneous, like Saul, or they can be long, drawn out, and gradual.  Whatever way they happen, they are often what defines our lives.  

In Romans 12, Paul discusses this transformation, or metamorphosis, in detail and he encourages the Christians in Rome to “be transformed and metamorphosed by the renewing of their minds” so that they might become individuals that are able to be connected to God’s plan in the world - the good and acceptable and perfect plan.  What Paul is talking about here is not one of these instantaneous moments of transformation; rather it is long and drawn out, and it takes the entirety of a life.  

But it starts somewhere - a radical experience of transformation, a commitment to a way of being, a decision that all is not how it should be.

Might this start, for you, be four-weeks in Baja California, Mexico?  Might your story find its transformation moment during the summer of 2016?

Join us this summer for four or eight weeks as you seek to be transformed in order to transform your local and our global community.

Project Transform give your summer to experience a radical transformation

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