Gearing up to build in South Africa- Meet the Families

June 14, 2014 by Fabiola Johnson
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Since 2008 Amor has worked alongside the local church in South Africa to bring reconciliation and housing. Recognizing the same need that inspired our work in Mexico for the past 33 years, Amor has returned to South Africa each summer to build homes. The key to our work in Mexico, working through local pastors, is also the cornerstone of our work in South Africa.

As we gear for our 2014 Mission trip to South Africa, we wanted to introduce the families that our participans from the UK, with Urban Saints and the US, and the team of Women of Strength will meet this year. 

Patricia is a divorced mother of four.  She doesn’t have stable employment so she does odd jobs to support her family, which includes her mother.

The family has no other income.


Ephraim’s father, mother, brother and sister died in the same year - making him the only survivor of his family. He’s currently unemployed. (No more details available at this time). 



This is Templeton and Nunu’s family. Templeton is disabled and receives a pension of about $70 a month. His wife is unemployed. They have four children, but can’t support all of the.

Pictured are the two children that live with them.  Their older children live with their relatives.


Petrus is retired and receives a small pension which he supports his daughter with who is unemployed and has three children to look after. Petrus has poor health




See you in Africa! 


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