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May 25, 2015 by Fabiola Johnson
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Matt_LundquistMatt Lundquist has been coming to Amor for 28 years. First with University Campus Ambassadors in Oregon and later with Campus Ambassadors from Central Washington University.

“It changes the lives of the people that come down. Mark Yaconelli said it best: ‘if this can be achieved by giving one week of my life, imagine just what a difference would make if I give my entire life’.” Matt said.

Lundquist has given a lot to respond to the plight of the need of the families in Mexico. Not only does he continue to bring young adults to experience Amor in Baja California, but his children and his wife are all part of his ministry. Six out of his eight children with Amor and two with YWAM.

“It started with young students, but now whole families come down with us. I want to ruin them of a typical middle-class life. Cure them of the American dream. Personally, I need to come every year as it helps me adjust my perspective in life.” He added, “I’ve watched the transformation in the life of young people. I’ve seen children grow into mature men and women after coming on a mission trip with Amor.”

The trips that Matt Lundquist leads are now intergenerational ranging in ages 11 to 55. “Everyone is called to a higher commitment.”

Back in the late 1990’s Matt was among the participants that went to the Yucatan peninsula to build the first Amor house prototypes adequate for this region. This year, Amor went back to build there during the Global Gathering.

Matt Lundquist is currently writing a book about his experiences and the lessons learned over the many years of taking mission trips with Amor. Working Title: Following the Carpenter; One Mad Path to Peace.

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