House Building Tip: Bailing Wire

September 4, 2017 by Forrest Fowler

Installing the Bailing Wire:


Installing the bailing wire in the house is another step that when done well, makes the following steps in the house easier. Bailing wire is used to provide firm backing for the tar paper on the walls. Loose bailing wire makes pockets in the tar paper and makes stuccoing more difficult.

Begin by placing roofing nails at all four corners of the wall. Start at the bottom and drive a nail in about ¾ of the way. Leave enough of the nail sticking out so that you can easily wrap wire around it as shown in the graphic above. 

Nails should be placed about every 5” along each side of the corners of the wall section and on the sides of the door and windows. I like to make a mark on my hammer that is 5” long and use that as a reference rather than using a tape measure.

It’s easy to make four different teams to work on this stage of the bailing wire installation. One team on each side of the house. Teams should be 2-3 people. One person to hold the roll of wire, one to pull/stretch the wire, and one person to drive in the nail.

To string the wire start at the bottom and wrap the end of the wire around the first nail. The idea is to pull the wire as straight and tight as possible all the way across the entire wall and then wrap the wire around the next nail. Repeat the process until the whole wall is completed with straight lines of wire across of it.

The next step is to tighten the wire by nailing it up and down alternately on studs. Start at the first stud from the corner and push the wire down a little bit and then fasten it in place using roofing nails. Moving the wire up and down should be alternated on each stud. First stud down, second stud up, third stud down, etc. This will result in a chevron pattern in the wire after you are all done. Don’t know what a chevron pattern is? Think of the design on the front of Charlie Brown’s shirt.

The tighter the wire, the better backing it makes for the tar paper. The better you place the tar paper, the easier it will be to stucco the house.



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