House Building Tip: Chicken Wire

September 6, 2017 by Jeff

Wrapping the House with Chicken Wire:


Chicken wire. Some love it; others hate it. I used to hate chicken wire. No matter what I did it seemed that I alway ended up with bubbles in the wire and that makes it very hard to stucco.

A few years ago someone showed us a new ‘tool’ to help with the installation of the chicken wire. It changed my life! I actually like doing chicken wire now. This new ‘tool’ is nothing but a simple piece of pipe, slipped through the wire and used to leverage the wire onto a nail. After seeing this technique, I wondered how it was that we had not been doing this all along!

Here are some bullet point tips for chicken wire.

  • Start with putting nails in the top and bottom plates of the wall. Nails should be driven in about ¾ of the way and spaced about six inches apart.

  • Begin rolling out the chicken wire at the doorway. Anchor the double strand of wire at the bottom/top of the wire to the nails you installed in the bottom/top plates.

  • Anchor the end of the chicken wire to the edge of the doorway about every 6 to 8 inches.

  • Don’t start stretching the wire until you anchor the ends.

  • Stretch the wire by estimating how far along the wall vertically you can stretch it by pulling on it by hand. Then challenge yourself a little by increasing it slightly, maybe an inch or two. Place a nail in the stud about ¾ of the way in. Stretch the wire up/down until you can hang it by the double wire strand on the nail.

  • Never cut the wire in the middle of a roll/run! All the bubbles can be worked out by stretching. Cutting the wire will only make things more difficult. Trust us on this one!

  • Once all the wire is stretched, you can further anchor the wire by nailing it down to each stud on the ‘runners’. There are three ‘runners’ in each roll of wire. They are a single pieces of wire that run horizontally and are spaced about every foot.

Stretching the chicken wire is not all that hard but it is definitely something that is made easier with a few tricks. Make sure to ask you Amor Field Specialist to show you his/her tips or tricks if chicken wire has been a source of frustration for you in the past. You’ll be amazed what a difference it makes when you know a few of these tricks.


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