House Building Tip of the Day: Roof

September 7, 2017 by Jeff



The process of installing the felt paper and rolled roofing are fairly straight forward and explained well in our house building manual. Today’s tips are just a few reminders that are commonly overlooked.

  • Safety First! Your roofing crew should only be 4-5 people maximum. Spread out while working on the roof, never have everyone standing/working in the same area.

  • Don’t forget to install the hurricane clips. There are 8 of them total, one for each corner in each room.

  • When installing the tar paper, use only enough nails to hold the paper down(from sliding or blowing off in the wind).

  • When nailing down the roofing paper, use the correct nailing pattern. The top edge of the roofing only needs a nail about every two feet and the bottom (overlapped) edge needs a nail every 2-3 inches.

  • After you roll out each row of roofing paper, apply a 2-3 inch wide pass of tar at the top edge of roofing paper. This can be done right before you are preparing to roll out the next pass of roofing paper. By waiting to apply the tar right before the next row, you can decrease the chances that you will get tar on yourself or accidently step in it.

  • After you are done applying all the rows of roofing paper, go back over all the exposed nail heads with the leftover tar. Each site has one gallon of tar, use it all!

  • Drink lots of water and rotate different team members on roof crew. It’s hot up there and make sure that everyone gets a chance to take part in the process.

  • Protect the rolled roofing. It can easily be ‘scarred’, especially on hot days. Don’t spin or twist your feet when walking. Don’t leave nails laying around, if you step on them they can leave little cuts or holes in your beautiful new roof.

Have fun roofing! If you are only going to remember 3 things about the roof, let it be these. Be safe. Remember to use enough nails. Tar like a boss!


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