House Building Tip: Slab/Foundation Day

September 1, 2017 by Forrest Fowler

Building the Foundation:


Like so much in life, the success or ease of the final project begins with laying a good foundation. With that in mind, here are a few tips or reminders for you when you are pouring your slab. Keeping these tips in mind will make the rest of your house build go more smoothly.

  • The correct ratio for the concrete slab is 5:1. Five shovels full of sand and gravel to one shovel full of cement. Make sure that your shovel scoops are equally sized and that you get plenty of gravel in each shovel load.

  • Don’t forget the mudsill anchors. These will later attach the walls to the slab.

  • When placing the anchors take into account your door placement so that you don’t accidentally place an anchor in the middle of a door opening. I like to measure and clearly mark the wood form board where the door will be before I start pouring.

  • Don’t forget the High Tech Fiber. These fibers are added to the dry mix of cement and sand/gravel. A good way to gauge your usage of the fiber is to mentally divide the slab into thirds. When you have finished pouring 1/3 of the slab, you should have used one bag of fiber. If you have used more or less than one bag of fiber after pouring 1/3 of the slab, you can adjust accordingly.

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