House Building Tip: Window Installation

September 3, 2017 by Forrest Fowler

Installing Windows:


The current style of windows delivered to most Amor work sites are a ‘flangeless’ style window. Let's explore one of the options for installing this style of window. As with most steps in the Amor house building process, there is more than one way to do this.

Just like our tip on installing doors, success with installing windows begins with framing the rough opening. You will need to verify the exact size of the windows on your worksite, but for this example we will use windows that have actual dimensions of 24”x48”.

When framing the window rough opening, we added a 1/2” to the height and 7” to the width. That means that with a window that measures 24” x 48” our rough opening will be 24 1/2” x 55”.

When preparing to install the window, cut and slide 2x4’s into the channel slots on each side of the window. The fit will be tight and may require widening the channel slightly to get the board started. Do this by tapping it with a hammer or using pliers. The length of these 2x4’s is determined by the height of the rough opening, in a perfect world it will be 24 1/2”, just as you framed it. You do not need to fasten these 2x4’s to the window channels, friction alone will suffice.

With the 2x4’s slid into the side channels of the window you can now place the window into the rough opening. The rough opening should be slightly larger than your window with the side 2x4’s installed. This extra space allows you a little ‘wiggle room’ to adjust the window in the rough opening. Now you can secure the window into the rough opening by nailing through the tops and bottoms of the rough opening through the 2x4’s that are inserted into the channels.

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