Invest In The Local Community, The New Amor Store

June 3, 2015 by April Congdon
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Amor_Store_3If you have ever come on a trip with Amor then I am sure you are familiar with the Amor Store in our camps! It is an incredible opportunity for you and your group to invest in the local church and local communities beyond the house that you leave with your family.

Every purchase made in the Amor store funds Project Hope - Project Hope fills in the need gaps beyond a house for Mexican families. When you support Project Hope through your Amor Store purchase, you give each family Amor touches a chance for a better future through providing our Pastors with the resources they need to meet the needs of the people in their communities beyond just building a home. The various programs within Project Hope provide families with blankets, Bibles, school supplies, water filters and food.

This year's focus is on backpacks!

We now have an Amor Store located in our Global Headquarters as well as in our new Hacienda camp. When you and your group check in, be sure to walk around The Amor Experience area, taking in the history of Amor, seeing what a real-size Amor house looks like, play games, slurp slushies, and shop at the Amor Store! In the Amor Store, you will have the opportunity to purchase items there, or get an idea of what you want to purchase when you get to camp.

Our main camp recently moved and we were so blessed by our staff and numerous volunteers who came to build the Amor store in our new camp! If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat!

 Amor_storeChurro line during Spring Break. Yes, they are that good. 

Throughout the week we have nightly specials - sometimes a little karaoke for the brave at heart and tacos and churros! It’s a party for all and a great space to engage in conversation with our staff and other trip participants getting to know them a bit better.

You’ll be able to purchase some cool Amor gear as well as locally handmade Mexican souvenirs such as ponchos, ceramics, bags, headbands, and more to remember your trip and share with your friends and family back home!

We also have an Online Amor Store that is currently under construction but will be available soon in case you get home and realize you really DID want to purchase that AWESOME Amor dry-fit T or 35th Anniversary T-shirt set! (Pictured above)

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to deepen your trip’s impact through shopping at the Amor Store


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