La Casa de Don Fermin

October 4, 2014 by Fabiola Johnson
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Don Fermin’s home was built by a group of short term missionaries with Amor in 2009. He is a gentleman from Durango.  Durango is about 700 miles south of El Paso, up in the mountains of central Mexico.  

Register_Today_-In 1969 he moved to United States. He lived in Chicago, Washington, Oregon and Southern California. For a while he lived the life of a nomad, moving wherever he could find his next job. However, Mexico always called him back and unable to make a home in the US, his family finally settled in Tijuana in 1986.

From that moment on, Don Fermin only crossed the border to work on construction projects whenever someone had a job for him in the border region.

“I worked in the fields for a while, but the work was back-breaking. I became an assistant mason instead and made it my humble profession. I wasn’t particularly good at it, but I worked hard and people liked what I did so I had a lot of work.”

Don Fermin’s wife worked in San Diego as a housekeeper and crossed the border daily. Together they saved enough to buy a plot of land and with his own hands he built a one-room brick house.


Sadly, in 2004 Mrs. Reyes was diagnosed with cancer. Her health deteriorated rapidly and she died within six months of her diagnosis.  In the same year, Don Fermin had an injury that left him unable to work. He applied for an Amor house because he began struggling to make it down the hill from where he had built his original home.

“I’m very grateful for my [Amor] house. I take good care of it because I feel proud of the enormous gift. I could have done this on my own at my age.” Don Fermin said.

His son Noe and wife Isabel moved into the old brick house that his father had built to look after him. Isabel had to quit her job because she cares for her father-in-law full time.  Noe is a bus driver and earns about $100 a week.

Last year they applied for an Amor house for Noe and his family because their one room house was no longer big enough for their growing teenage children Araceli and Juan.


Araceli loves animals and has filled their place with kittens and dogs meticulously cared for. Juan is finishing last year of high school and works in the evenings at a grocery store to cover his expenses. He plans on getting married soon.

Their home was built by Liberty Christian Church, Martinsville this summer.

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