Meet Familia Ortiz

August 25, 2018 by Montse Laborin

A little over a month ago, the government reached out to us to help provide a home for a family in need in San Luis. They shared with us several details about the Ortiz family, including the fact that this family has 5 children who all want to go to university someday. Every morning the parents, Jose and Rosa, wake up and go to work selling cotton candy. On the weekends the two oldest kids join the family cotton candy business, selling on the streets of their neighborhood. The money they earn goes toward purchasing school supplies for their studies. 

When we went to meet the family, it was obvious that they needed a new home. We walked into a small room that not only housed all seven family members, but also held the family’s stove and dish cabinet. Their room had no windows nor a safe door, creating an unsafe atmosphere for raising a family. Although their conditions were not the best, they were a very happy family.

Our team met with them and offered to build them a home. Though they were thankful, it was clear there was something holding them back. The mother and father exchanged looks, and then the husband told us, “We have a lot of need, but there is a family who has a bigger need than us.”

After they described the severity of the family’s living conditions, and we wanted to see if we might be able to help. We were introduced to the Gallardo family, who we found sleeping outside their house because of a tick infestation.

Both families received new homes shortly after. Now the kids can focus on their studies instead of working on the weekends, and they have the resources needed to buy new school supplies. They have access to resources, a safe place to call home, and a foundation for a hopeful future.

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