Pray Alongside the Heart of Amor in Mexico

August 25, 2014 by Fabiola Johnson
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This month our Baja California Ministry Planning Board met at the church of Pastor Cesar A. Nuñez at the Iglesia La Mano de Jehová in Rosarito Mexico.  Every time I get to witness their meetings, I’m reminded how incredible is to see this group of men, who are from different Christian denominations,  work together to serve the people in Baja. They truly are the heart of Amor.

Please pray with us for our Pastors and their communities. Here are their prayer requests.

Pastor Cesar Nuñez

Church: La Mano de Jehova in Rosarito, Baja California

Pray alongside us for our Ministry, that God continues strengthening our calling to keep moving forward. I also ask for my family, may God keep them so they can keep following our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are praying for a vehicle for the church.

God Bless you,


Pastor Oscar Higuera

Church: Iglesia de Cristo in Tecate, Baja California

I praise God for the blessings poured out to the church and the pastoral family.

I request you join us in prayer for the new families who’ve join our church.

Thank you,


Pastor Romelio Perez

Church: El Redentor in Tijuana, Baja California

Blessings everyone!

One of our Pastors who serves in the colonia 3 Octubre,  Pastor Josue,  is asking prayer for his wife Bety with serious back problems.

Please pray for Maria Santos who’ll have a hysterectomy.

Please pray for our churches Iglesia Redentor and Principe de Paz.

We request prayers for healing in the family Navidad and Rogelio Perez.

Pastor Eusebio Haros

Iglesia: Centro Cristiano Elim

Our prayer request is for the need of a new temple Elim. We have the vision to build eight classrooms for the creation of a Bible Institute to train pastors in the region.

We also want to provide literacy capacitation for adults who do not know how to read and write. Our hope is we can serve and meet their need for learning.

Thank you,


Pastor Jesus Lobatos de Avila

Church: Maranatha

I request your prayers for my family, the congregation and our missionaries.

Thank you,


Pastor Hortencio Guerrero

Church: La Jornada

Please pray for our church planting council, may we be able to serve more communities.

Please pray for my children.

Please pray for one of the churches we recently planted ---> Iglesia Evangelia Lirio de Los Valles.

I request your prayers for my wife and I. We pray for health, strength and wisdom as we lead the ministry.

Pastor Jose Luis Hernandez Torrez

Church: El Buen Pastor

Please pray for Hali, my daughter, as she begins high school.

Prayer request for my mother who has to make a decision about surgery.

I also need prayer for a trip I plan to take to Chiapas to visit my mother in December.




Thank you for being our partners in prayer and pastor sponsorship through Project Hope. The next Ministry Planning Board will be in October.

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