Prayer Request from our Mexican Pastors

November 18, 2013 by Fabiola Johnson
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"Yet give attention to your servant’s prayer and his plea for mercy, Lord my God. Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day." 1 Kings 8:28 NIV

We would like to invite you, once again to join us in prayer for the communities, churches, the pastors and their families as our Pastors let us know their prayer requests. (The images are from the last Pastor's meeting)

Pastor Ezequiel Higuera from Iglesia de Cristo

May God bless you and keep you. Please pray for the Church. May God bless our breakfast hall "Manos Extendidas" where we are feeding 80 children daily. May he also encourage us with the program for battered women. Thank you all for your help.

Pastor Fausto Meráz from Fuente de Agua Viva

For the Church, may God help us with the projects entrusted to our charge. May he provide spiritual and material blessings so we may continue forward with our mission. Please also pray for my family and the families within the church. We also are petitioning for a van for 17 passengers and musical instruments.

Pastor José Hernández from Iglesia Vida Nueva

Please pray for the projects and church ministry:

  • Building of new bathrooms
  • Spiritual Life
  • Home cells of discipleship

Pastor Florentino from Iglesia Nueva Vision

Help us praying with us so we may:

  1. Open bible studies in the homes of our families
  2. May we be able to repair the roofs of the church, Pastor home and classrooms
  3. May we grow in numbers and commitment
  4. For reliable transportation


Pastor Romelio Perez from Iglesia Redentor

Blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray alongside our family as we pray for the health of my father, Rogelio Perez. He's 89 years old and lives in Mexico City. Thank you for your prayers and faithful service. May God bless you richly. You are in my prayers, always.

Pastor Oscar Higuera from Iglesia de Cristo

First, God bless you.

I would also like to request prayer for the congregation and my family. May God strengthen my family in spirit and body.

I thank God for your prayers and the support we receive through the people supporting Amor. Please continue praying for the health issues affecting me, as well as my spiritual walk and of the church.

Thank you and God Bless

Pastor Hermenegildo Don from Iglesia Torre Fuerte

For my health and the results of the ultrasound

Pastor Cesar Nuñez from Iglesia La Mano de Jehova Sobre Nosotros

Continue praying for our Ministry and the activities of our church. For the souls that we are reaching thanks for the support. I also want to pray for my wife and my children. May God continue providing all our needs, physical, spiritual and economical.

God Bless you.

Pastor José Luis Hernández from I.B. El Buen Pastor

Please pray for my mother. She lives in Chiapas and her health has been deteriorating. Also continue praying as I receive the last results from the medical tests. May my body be free from cancer.

Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request by Pastor Adolfo Escamilla from Iglesia Cristo Vive

  • For my health
  • For my family
  • For my children and their studies
  • For a new sound system for the church
  • For a vehicle for the church
  • For the new ministry in San Quintin

Pastor Eusebio Haros from Iglesia C.C. Elim

We would like to express our gratitude to God for the blessings upon the families for whom homes were built. We also want to intercede for Amor, may God continue lifting up groups willing to serve in Tijuana.

We want to intercede to the founders of Amor, Gayla and Scott.

Pastor Juan E. Briseño from Iglesia Divino Salvador

Please pray for the family Briseño Díaz; pray for the families of the congregation; and for the upcoming trip to the Islas Marias in February (part of jail ministry).

Thank you,

Pastor Armando Ponce from the Iglesia Cristo Arca de Salvacion

We thank God for providing for all the needs of the church. May God encourage our members to be faithful in sharing their faith wherever they may go. We also pray for the missionaries in the field.

Pastor Jesus Lobatos from Iglesia Maranatha

Pray for my family, congregation, ministry and myself. Thank you.

Pastor Esequiel Higuera from Iglesia de Cristo Nacional

May God bless you richly and may He keep you always. Please pray for our ministries: the soup kitchen for the children of the community and the shelter of women victims of domestic violence. May God continue to provide to cover their needs.

Pastor Hortencio Guerrero from Iglesia La Jornada

  • For the health of my wife
  • For my son Juan Carlos and his family
  • For the new ministry in Valle de las Palmas
  • For the spiritual bread in my home and church

Thank you for your prayers!

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