Rain, Rain, Go Away Come Again Another Day

July 28, 2015 by Fabiola Johnson
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Two weekends ago, 18 people came to Tijuana to build the home of Jesus, Lucia, and Yanet during the July Amor 3 Day. They came from Tennessee, Louisiana, Nevada, and California.


Sometimes, it feels like a reunion when we get to see old friends who have made a summer family tradition of their house-building mission trips.


We also love to welcome new participants who jump in with both feet into their experience.


When we see a veteran who, despite several trips under their belt, are invited to transform their lives and learn something new - it’s amazing to see. Pastor Diane, from Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, has been coming to the Amor 3 Day for several years. It became an opportunity for her and a few people from her church to continue serving the community of Mexico. Pastor Diane has come on 14 house-building trips!

rain_amor_3_dayThis time, unseasonable heavy rains presented a challenge for many of the participants who were not ready for the second rainiest day in July since 1902. Sadly, it prevented the team from finishing the house. However, it did provide an opportunity to witness first hand, why coming to build a better home for a family mattered.


 At the end, everyone walked away with new memories, new friends and a new understanding of the work they came to do alongside a family in need.






Jesus joined the team working on the roof of his house. He was proud and happy to put a roof over his family that will keep them dry even during the rainy season. 



And they just got started...


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