Restoration with Creation

May 29, 2015 by Madeline Friend


My praise resonates from the canyon depths, from the mountain vistas, and from the pebble shores.

My praise resonates in sweat, soreness, and sunscreen.

My praise resonates loudest in the quiet.

Creation offers a tremendous opportunity to engage with God through its dynamic simplicity. You don’t need to enter the debate about creation and evolution. You don’t need to be a vegetarian. You don’t need to be an athlete. All you need to do is go. Personal choices and ethics provide a valuable framework in life, but too often they serve to separate us from our fellow Earth-dwellers.


In creation, there is tremendous grace. There is tremendous possibility.

A fully known stirring comes into my soul when I skid across mountain scree, pull up over an impossible ledge or surge down a river. My soul communes most deeply with the Divine in these sacred spaces.

Stewardship begins with thriving in the resource. Before we jump into hot debates about how old the Earth is or what to do about fossil fuel extraction, we must step into the places that define our humanity.


Through his ministry, Jesus purposefully and regularly entered into the wilderness to rest and commune with His Father.

The soliloquy of creation comes into fruition when we choose to engage fully with the majesty. To step into this sacred space, we must first step out of castles we have created.

The outdoors is not just for the elite or the wealthy. It is a glorious commons for us all. Let’s keep it open. Tread lightly. Take it in. Breathe in the possibility. Engage with the flow.



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