7 Steps to Make the First Day at the Work Site a Success

December 9, 2017 by Amor

first day at the worksite

We wrote before about how important it is to give vision for the purpose of your work to unite your hearts with God and to each other as you serve his people. Another important aspect of a successful trip is good organization. At Amor we try our best to smooth the road out ahead of you, but we want to equip you to be as proactive as possible as you approach your building project on a daily basis.

Once you have set the vision for the first day at the work site, consider taking notes on the following to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Inventory Your Materials.This is not just busy work. If there was a missing delivery or some materials stolen or misplaced, it is better to know earlier before you need them than after. If we know in advance, we can remedy the situation before your work is held up.
  2. Ask the Family About the Layout of the House. Often the families we build alongside of have an idea of where they want their doors and windows. The layout goes beyond that. You also need to know which direction the slant of the roof is to go. Also, be mindful of property lines and access to complete the work that needs to be done on the exterior of the house in terms of wall prep and stucco application.
  3. Start on the Cut List. To keep your team busy while you set the form and prep for cement, others can start marking and cutting the boards in preparation for the building the walls. LABEL EVERYTHING! This helps to quickly identify what length any given board is.
  4. Set the Form – Use lots of stakes. The more the merrier. To square the form, first stake it in place and then level it. Watch the 22 foot sides of the form throughout the day. They have a tendency to sag down and in throughout the day. Avoid standing on the form.
  5. Monitor your cement usage . Use the spade shovels for your proportions and monitor the scoop sizes throughout the day to maintain the ratio. At the end of the day you should have between 12 and 15 bags of cement leftover for your stucco. Tell your field rep if you have less than 12 bags after your slab is complete.
  6. Remember your Anchors. Enough said. Use all 18 of the anchors provided and make sure they are being set in the cement properly. 
  7. Begin With a Strong Foundation. People gravitate to the building the walls because it can be more “fun”. Kindly remind them that you can’t stand up walls until your slab is complete. Focus on the getting that slab poured!


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