So What Does Amor Do?

May 22, 2015 by Erin Illingworth

Amor_History_Scott_Congdon_taking_a_pictureLike many organization that are looking to spread the word about the work they do, Amor has been a part of quite a few youth, mission trip, and church conferences.  In my almost 8 years at Amor, I have spent quite a bit of time at those conferences and the number one question I answer is “So what does Amor Do?”  

This might seem like an easy answer, but for an organization with many levels and ministry opportunities it can be hard to nail that one down.  If a person has 5 minutes to chat then it is easy to take some time to explain the Ministry Planning Boards, the transformation of the groups on short-term mission trips, the types of homes we build and reasoning for that, Casa de Amor, volunteer programs, and all the different levels of Project Hope.  Unfortunately, most people, at first, do not want to stop for 5-10 minutes to hear about all this.  They want a one sentence answer so they can decide if they want to stop to hear more or keep walking.

So this is what we say… “Amor builds homes to keep families together.”  When it comes down to it the families that we work with keep us going.  They are the reason that each person on staff comes to work everyday.  They are why our wonderful and loyal groups come back year after year.  And they are why the Pastors on our Ministry Planning Boards often sacrifice sleep, money, and their personal lives to keep helping their communities.

Amor began building homes when our founders realized that so many kids in the orphanage where they were working were not true orphans, but their parents had to give them up because they could not adequately provide for them. This is still why we build homes and this is why we have restructured our Mission Statement, which now says… Amor brings people together to provide transformational experiences that manifest the justice, kindness, and humility of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the work we do of keeping families together provides experiences that transform both the families who get a new house and the groups who come to build.  And we believe that serving these families manifests the justice, kindness, and humility of Jesus

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