The One Hit Wonders (Life As An Intern)

August 29, 2015 by Fabiola Johnson
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random_objects_found_at_gregs_deskSince we don't have a picture of the One Hit Wonders, I leave you with some random objects found on Greg's desk to illustrate this blog. 

Diary of an Intern reflects life as an Amor intern.  The following is an e-mail sent by Greg, one of our year-round interns, to the team informing them the latest news about the Amor's soccer team. We thought of sharing it because it showcases part of the culture of Amor.  It contains several professional soccer references that fans will enjoy, but even if you don't care about soccer, we hope you'll find it entertaining read nevertheless.


I realize that the culmination of the One Hit Wonders’ indoor soccer campaign has left many of you disheveled, upset and looking for answers. Fortunately for you, a few bright spots from our otherwise pathetic season has yielded some hope for the future.

Entering the desolate, barren world of the One Hit Wonders, a young Ryan English sauntered on to the pitch. He looked less like an accountant, more like a man who had spent years thrashing defenses playing top flight Kenyan football. We can only wonder how Gor Mahia can defend its title in the Kenyan Premier League without its fearless striker Ryan English. Patrolling the front line for OHW, a marauding Mr. English netted 5 (yes that's 5) goals in his debut. The crowd adore him, and he looks to take the captain's armband in a coup of modest proportions.

The team's current captain, Jordan Congdon ("King Cong!-King Cong!" the supporters cry) returned from injury and a loan to Yucatan FC. A triumphal victory, like Aragorn entering Minas Tirith, JC  commanded the game as the midfield general. Always in-and-out, distributing the ball, doing things, directing traffic, creating a vision and structure for the One Hit Wonders. Curious to note, that some how he only covered about 500 yards during the match, not straying far from the center circle. We can only guess that, like the groups he brings down to Mexico, he let's them do the work because he's hammered enough nails in his day.

The final match also introduced a role change for fan-favorite, Pat McGary. Usually operating in the midfield, the motor and energizer bunny of OHW, with the precision of a scalpel and the pace of a Labrador retriever, McGary made the bold move to keeper. Not one to ever disappoint, McGary provided save after save, along with some marauding runs to attack the opposing goal in his tireless effort to save the One Hit Wonders from relegation.  

You know the rest of the supporting cast. Jon Wilson (ginger chieftain), myself (loud crap) and Johnny Arthur (defensive stalwart, school-age friend of fearless leader Jordan) all provided some running, some kicking, and a few decent passes, which Ryan rapidly turned into goals, like Jesus turning filthy used bath water into wine (Disclaimer: that was a joke - our passes were at least tap water level). Happy to just collect our participation forms at the beginning of the season, the collective has now melded into quite a tight-knit group.

In short, I hope that our performance over the season (and this poor piece of writing) has not sullied your mood too greatly. The positive energy provided by newcomer Ryan English leaves us with only one question - why didn't we hire this bloke sooner?


Greg Lesnewich


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