The Ripple Effect Of Building A House

September 25, 2015 by April Congdon
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Adequate Housing Matters 

The scientific evidence on the many links between housing and health has grown substantially in recent decades (”

Examples of key housing-related health risks include: respiratory and cardiovascular diseases from indoor air pollution; illness and deaths from temperature extremes; communicable diseases spread because of poor living conditions, and risks of home injuries. WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that nearly 2 million people in developing countries die from indoor air pollution caused by the burning of biomass and coal in leaky and inefficient household stoves (Download the entire report here).

When you come build a house with Amor, you impact so much more than their living space. You provide them with the opportunity for a higher quality of life.

Share the love this Christmas and make a difference

They are able to feel secure knowing they have a solid roof over their heads protecting them from the outside elements. Funds they may have needed to save for a better house can now go towards education and healthcare for their families.

“Adequate housing” en­compasses more than just the four walls of a room and a roof over one’s head.  Housing is essential for normal healthy living. It fulfills deep-seated psychological needs for privacy and personal space; physical needs for security and protection from inclement weather; and social needs for basic gathering points where important relationships are forged and nurtured" (Excerpt from Understanding The Right To Housing from the University of Minnesota module).

The gift you leave with a family when you walk off of their property after building is not only a house, but also all of the things listed above! When you give of your time, of your money, and of yourself in participating on an Amor house build, you positively impact not only their physical state, but also their emotional, psychological, and relational state affecting their overall health. Having a space to call their own gives them a sense of freedom and independence - a space where they can let down their hair and be themselves - a space where they can feel some sense of stability and security. Can you imagine living without that?

Help build a home; help keep a family healthy.


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