Tips For Building The Amor House

December 7, 2017 by Amor

Whether this will be your first Amor house or your 20th, there's usually a new trick to learn. The following infographics show you how to build the house from slab to roof. For more tips make sure to check the original posts and check your house building manual for detailed instructions. 

Building the Foundation:


Like so much in life, the success or ease of the final project begins with laying a good foundation. With that in mind, here are a few tips for you when you are pouring your slab. Keeping these tips in mind will make the rest of your house build go more smoothly.

Read on how to get the slab just right:

Framing and Installing the Door: 


When it comes to installing the door, success begins with making sure that you frame the rough opening correctly when building your walls.  See more tips on framing and installing the door here:

Installing Windows:


The current style of windows delivered to most Amor work sites are a ‘flangeless’ style window. Here is one of the options for installing this style of window. As with most steps in the Amor house building process, there is more than one way to do this. See the method preferred by Forrest :

Installing the Bailing Wire:


Installing the bailing wire in the house is another step that, when done well, makes the following steps in the house easier. Bailing wire is used to provide firm backing for the tar paper on the walls. Loose bailing wire makes pockets in the tar paper and makes stuccoing more difficult. Read the tips here

Applying the Tar Paper:


Applying the tar/felt paper to the walls provides the backing for the stucco. Tight paper will make stuccoing much easier. Read More:

Wrapping the House with Chicken Wire:


Chicken wire. Some love it; others hate it. Follow these steps and we think you'll love it.

Read More:




Most everyone loves working on the roof! The process of installing the felt paper and rolled roofing are straightforward and explained well in our house building manual.

This blog covers some helpful reminders:




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