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July 23, 2014 by LaDonna


Hello Friends,

Last Saturday Urban Saints and a family from Tennessee finished their two homes and handed over the keys. It was an emotional moment as we witnessed the disruption in their lives.

On Saturday, the entire team of Women of Strength arrived to be ”In Step With God,” which will be our battle cry and encouragement through our time in South Africa.

Denise Robinson (a partner of the Ministry from Texas) and Chipo Makwakwa (wife of an Amor team member who was born and raised in Africa) led the ladies to the Lion Park to soak up some African lion love. We had an interesting learning moment when we realized that the women from Botleng would not pet the lion cubs, as lions are not to be petted.  It makes a lot of sense, but we’d never thought about it that way..

Meanwhile, Amy Mathis, Cheryl (another friend of the Ministry), and Scott headed to Ikageng in Soweto to get ready for lunch with the children at the center. The three of them were greeted by over 250 smiling faces. When the rest of the team arrived we began the outreach. We had so much fun in this sea of laughing, smiling faces.   

We played football—American style, painted nails, made bracelets, and heard about the love Jesus has for children. My prayer was loaves and fishes and God provided all we needed!  It was wonderful to meet Carol, the director/ founder of Ikageng Children Center. I was moved by her amazing story of obedience.

Thank you for reading and praying along as we journey through South Africa building hope and relationships.


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