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May 29, 2014 by Fabiola Johnson
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This film features Mr. Agustin Ramirez, an 83 year-old man from Michoacan, who received an Amor house in April 2014 in Tecate. The group that built his house was from Vinland Lutheran Church in Poulsbo, Washington. Watch this video to hear Agustin tell his story; and read the update below.



I prayed to God that He would move the hearts of good people.

[I needed help] because I'm sick. It started with diabetes and then I got shingles.

And the shinges caused a brain aneurism.

And then I had a gallbladder surgery.

So I stopped getting income and now I'm unable to work.

I have a son and two daughters. My daughters can't help me because there is no work for them.

My son doesn't want to work. I wished with all my heart that he would work because that's the way to support yourself. 

My daughter moved away from here because the water leaked in. I have a great granddaughter they had to leave because it's warmer there and she has lung problems."

To learn more about planning your own mission trip to change the life of a family or individual, please visit amor.org/trips/group for more information.

To learn more about Vinland Lutheran Church, please visit vinlandlc.org.

Filmed and edited by Kamrin Dishman.

Music from freemusicarchive.org. "Evils" by Plusplus

UPDATE: Mr. Agustin Ramirez still lives by himself, although one of his daughters comes and visits him. He said his daughter found work cleaning houses in Tecate. Mr. Ramirez is retired. He had built his old home around a boulder that he used as one of the walls. It didn’t have a floor and because of the topography it was exposed to flooding. It now serves as his kitchen and his Amor house provides dry and safe bedrooms where he can receive his daughters and his granddaughter when they visit him. 


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