What are you Investing in this Summer?

April 7, 2014 by Erin Lyde

Project Nexus can seem like a big commitment. Ten weeks of your summer, and raising $3250, can feel daunting. But when you participate in Project Nexus you are actually making an investment in yourself, other people, and a better future around the world.


Investing in your future:

Your summer with Project Nexus will challenge you, stretch you, and help you grow personally and as a future leader. Training and experience in cultural awareness, cross cultural communication, team building, leadership, conflict management, and spiritual development will be a catalyst for growth that will transcend your summer experience into your education, career, and ministry experience in the future.
After your initial training you will develop a summer mission statement that will guide your thoughts and actions through your summer. You will receive personalized coaching to help you succeed in your mission, and process your experience to maximize your growth potential.

Throughout the summer you will be immersed in the experience with a team of your peers - other individuals that come from different parts of the country (or different countries!), with different backgrounds, denominations, and personalities. The groups you serve will run their mission trips, build houses, have evening activities, worship, pray, and communicate differently than you do. Or they may not do some of these things at all. You will work with Amor team members who see things differently that you do. We believe that diversity enriches life. Some of the people you meet may be life-long friends, others may not be, but everyone will be someone to learn from and respect.

When asked about what they learned from their summers in Project Nexus, most participants express that the things they learned through serving with others have been significant in their continued daily growth as individuals. As your worldview grows through Project Nexus you will have experiences and training that will make you a better friend, family member, disciple, mentor, student, professional, ministry leader, and more.


Investing in others:

Project Nexus participants are surrounded by people. We believe that missions is relational, and this is your chance to see it in action. Your role will be to encourage and empower the people you serve on work sites, at camp, in the Amor office, the families you build for, and your Project Nexus teammates.

This is your chance to use your unique gifts and experiences to bless others as they serve on the mission field and help be a catalyst for growth in their own lives. Come and be a part of someone else’s story.


Investing in a future without poverty:

One of the tiers of Amor’s mission statement is to eradicate spiritual and physical poverty. This is what you will be working towards during your summer of service with Amor. You will provide the behind the scenes service that allows a family to receive a house, and the hope of a better life and Jesus Christ. Your service supports the work that the local church and pastors are continuing year round. You will see the tangible results of your service as you watch the foundations being poured and the walls going up on each work site you serve on during the summer.

As you serve, your worldview will expand and your compassion for those living in poverty will grow so that after your summer you will return with new (or renewed) passion for ending poverty. You will also have gained insight into how you are uniquely designed and equipped to be a driving force in helping bring God’s kingdom to earth.

Come Build Hope – all summer, and beyond.

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