What if you Could do More this Summer?

May 2, 2015 by Amor

The role of a Project Barnabas team member is to be a servant. However just because they do most of their best work behind the scenes, they still like to have fun serving alongside the Amor team as well as they groups that come build hope. These images offer a glimpse into what some of our Barnabas experienced during their spring service this year.


During the months of March and April we had over 35 Project Barnabas participants. Some of them served for multiple weeks. Without them our spring season would not have been as rich.


“What I appreciate about Project Barnabas is that it shows you the beauty of taking care of the small things that need to be done”  Michele Kleeman, Hope International University.

"By the end of each week it’s hard to say goodbye to the group you’ve served because by then, you’ve completely immerse yourself into that group” Jonah Horne, Chelternham, England

This year, Amor has expanded our spring Project Barnabas volunteer program to the summer as well!  This is your chance to do more with your summer.


  • 1-4 weeks (between June 7th - July 31)

  • Opportunities for volunteers include Worksite Assistance, La Cocina, and Amor Store

  • The cost is $130 for the first week and $30 for each additional week

For more information click here, email erin@amor.org or send in this application.

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