Why Should You Volunteer with Project Apoyo?

January 30, 2016 by Erin Lyde

Alyssa and La Cocina volunteers

Our Project Apoyo volunteers are extremely important.  In fact, Amor would not be able to get through our busy spring months without them. From helping with La Cocina, to delivering tools, to setting up camp, to lead-ins, to helping in the Amor store - they serve in almost every aspect to keep things running smoothly during Amor’s busiest time of the year.  

If you have a desire to impact the world and gain valuable hands-on experience serving cross-culturally in Mexico, then Project Apoyo is for you!  Or perhaps you’d just like to help out an organization that had an impact on your life.  Either way, we’d like to hear from you.

Read what previous volunteers Bryan Sands and Sydney Estill had to say about how serving with Amor impacted them.

Bryan, why did you serve as a volunteer with Amor?

“The wonderful part about mission trips and ministry in general is learning many different skills. Over the past five years, I have served on a worksite, in La Cocina, outreach ministry, and other Amor related projects.

This past year, I served in La Cocina because first, there was a need. Second, because it was an opportunity to connect with the locals and see how they prepare meals for hundreds (even thousands) every day.

As a Campus pastor it is encouraging to see my students bond with the locals, whether they know Spanish or not. Some of our students are fluent in Spanish others are not. However, the cooking, chopping, baking, mixing, etc. brings everyone together—and by the end of the trip there is a significant bond. The last day is always the toughest because my students never want to leave.”

Sydney, what did you enjoy the most? (or what was the most rewarding aspect?)

“My favorite part was the relationships I formed with the La Cocina staff, Amor employees, and other interns. I loved the fulfillment of serving groups who were serving communities themselves. It felt as though I was contributing to the cycle of greater good. My time serving in La Cocina gave me so much time to reflect upon my soul and my relationship with the Lord without any distractions of the modern world. It is very fulfilling to live with a purpose, and that is something I have carried onward with me to this day. “  

Commitment: Spring - 1-4 weeks.  Volunteer in La Cocina, Amor Store, and Operations.  No experience required.

To learn more about how to volunteer this spring visit http://www.amor.org/join/field/apoyo

Project Apoyo is the volunteer program to support the work that Amor does in Mexico


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