Twenty years in the making, Cienega will bring the global church together to learn from each other and impact the lives of families living in poverty.  Stay tuned over the next year as we unveil more about the three aspects of Cienega and how you can be involved. 




Following Jesus Christ's model of discipleship, the University of Amor is committed to a holistic educational experience that develops and prepares global leaders for church planting, relationship building, evangelism, and community development.   Through partnership with the local church and training built on the desire to bring the whole of life under the lordship of Jesus Christ, we will inspire the global church to bring about social justice as they collaborate in their efforts to eradicate spiritual and physical poverty. 

SOS-1The School of Sustainability seeks to eradicate poverty through the development and use of sustainable technology, by building skills through training, education, and implementation, empowering the poor to leverage local resources in order to become less reliant on outside funding. The school will showcase interactive displays that present solutions to the challenges communities in poverty face. 


Caring for and encouraging spiritual leaders from around the globe to experience rest - descanso. The Descanso Retreat Center will be a place where kingdom workers can have a time of sabbatical for them and their families.