Prepare your team to get the most out of your mission trip.

Download the mission trip pre-field and debrief curriculum.

This curriculum will help your team to take what you learn during your mission trip and change the way you live once you return home.  This curriculum is designed as a companion to the Disrupted devotional*, but can be used as a stand-alone curriculum.

What's included:

  • Two hours of pre-trip training to get your team in the mindset to be learners during their trip
  • Two hours of post-trip debrief to process and apply what you've learned
  • Customizable to your group:  Use the stories provided or customize using stories from your personal experience

"This book was really inspired by many of the families that come on our Amor Family Camp every summer. So many of them were telling me that they could see a change in their heart for others while they were in Mexico, but once they got home it was just too easy to slip back into the old routine." - Gayla Congdon

*All Amor trip participants in 2014 will recieve a copy of Disrupted during your trip.  If you would like your books shipped to you ahead of time, talk to your mission trip coordinator.

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