Check back for updates on Day of Disruption, a new women’s retreat offered by Gayla Congdon.

Day of Disruption will challenge women just like you to allow God to disrupt your day-to-day routine, and to cultivate in you a new, mission-focused life.


If you would like to schedule Gayla to bring Day of Disruption to your church or women’s group, contact Melissa Segrest at




About the Book

When Jesus disrupts your life, he takes you places you never expected to go. In Disrupted, lifelong missionary Gayla Cooper Congdon offers a how-to guide for short-term missions. It’s packed with insight to create long term impact:

  • Inspiring stories from the field.
  • Practical tips for preparation, cross-cultural awareness, and reconnecting upon return home.
  • Essential tools for daily missional living.
  • A 52-week devotional study.
  • Monthly Life-Challenging Disruption.

Translate your trip into a lifetime missional opportunity. All proceeds from the sales of Disrupted go directly to the work of Amor.