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Project Transform is four or eight-weeks of cross-cultural training, justice creating, relationship building, poverty education and awareness, and personal transformation in Baja California, Mexico. 

During this program, you will join other individuals in a pre-field orientation as you gain some tools for the mission field. You will help create justice as you build a home alongside a Mexican family and develop awareness of the struggles of living with minimal resources. You’ll experience humble servanthood in La Cocina and at Hacienda Camp. And you will walk with the Mexican pastors as you experience first-hand, the work of the local church.

At the end of your stay, you will debrief your time through answering three questions: What has happened? Who am I because of what has happened? And, who will I be?  We at Amor Ministries desire that this Project be a pivotal point in your life - a transformational experience that will play an essential role in who you decide to be the rest of your life.

Participants of Project Transform will have a home base at our rustic campground in Tijuana, Mexico, but may serve in other communities in the close surrounding areas. Experience living without modern conveniences like running water and electricity, just as many of the people you will serve do.

Projects can consist of: 

  • Visiting the Tijuana dump where Amor began, and learning the history of the ministry
  • Food preparation, service, and clean up through La Cocina
  • House building
  • Camp set up and caretaking
  • Helping with Amor’s tool program
  • Serving in the camp Amor Store
  • A project at one of our Mexican churches
  • Attending a Mexican church service
  • Serving mission trip groups as they arrive at the Amor office


During the 8-week program, the second half will be spent in combination with the above projects as well as time serving groups on work sites.

Project Transform Details


May 20 – June 16 
June 17 – June 30** (Interim Session- Volunteer Weeks)
July 1 – July 28 

 ** In order to accommodate students from across the world we have set our Project Transform dates accordingly. So this year Project Transform is split into two blocks, separated by 2 weeks. The two weeks separating Block 1 and 2 are often our busiest weeks, so we welcome Project Transformers to either stay on if you are doing Block 1, arrive early if you are doing Block 2, or stay the full ten weeks!


Project Transform fee:

$2200 for 4 weeks
$2550 for 6 weeks
$4200 for 10 weeks

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Project Transform Expectations

All Project Transform participants are expected to:

  • Complete the application process: the initial application, phone interviews with the applicant and references, and a background check.
  • Be a single adult between the age of 18 and 25.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Have (and bring) a current passport (book or card).
  • Commit to serving the entire length of the program with no interruptions in Mexico 
  • Uphold the Ministries' policies and guidelines.
  • Serve the other members of the Project Transform team, the Amor Ministries Team Members, the Amor Mission Trip participants, and the Mexican or families.
  • Understand that the summer primarily involves foreign field work and may also include service through other aspects of the Ministry.
  • Intentionally pursue a deeper relationship with Christ throughout the summer.


I'm Sold! How do I apply?

Applications are processed on a first-come first-serve basis.  The Project Transform team tends to fill up early, so apply early to ensure that you will have an amazing summer. If you are interested, please download the Project Transform application and send it to us! Application deadline is May 2, 2017. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Call 619.662.1200 or e-mail.