Can I make this trip easier for me and my group while still making a difference?

La Cocina was created to answer two major questions Amor faced. First was "How can Amor better serve our work groups?" and the second was "How can we better serve the communities we work alongside?". 

We know that having to set up a camp kitchen and cook meals for your group is definitely a labor of love. With everything it takes to provide meals for your people, just the shopping alone can be overwhelming and expensive.

La Cocina wants to make this experience as good as it can be and is honored to help sustain and nourish the groups that work so hard to serve. 

La Cocina gives hope and a fair wage to women and men in the local community. By having La Cocina serve your group, you not only get fed but you create a brighter future that empowers the men and women in the communities you build and provides beyond the house.  


Not Just Another Food Program

La Cocina is not just a food program you can add to your trip, but the philosophy of how Amor serves the groups that build & the families they build alongside.

We complete your cultural experience by partnering with you to provide traditional Mexican meals during your trip. By using La Cocina, your group helps empower and employ women and men in the local community by providing fair wage jobs and a positive work environment.

It really is Good Food Doing Good. 

What People are Saying

"La Cocina has really impacted the cultural experience our group has when we come on our annual trip. We get to experience Mexico in a great new way!"
Kim, Indiana
"La Cocina has allowed family camp to spend more time around the dinner table together. We all get back from the work sites exhausted not looking forward to cooking. La Cocina has allowed us to relax, have fun, spend more time together, and enjoy really great food while we are at it!"
Amy, Texas
"We use La Cocina as an addition to our trip. We have them do a Carne Asada taco dinner for us on the last night of our trip so we can pack up the kitchen and be ready to leave in the morning. They are so flexible and working with their staff is a dream."
Jeff, California

The Amor Agreement

Our agreement to you and your group.


Lead Locally

Local community leaders decide what needs in their community need help from outside sources. They know best.


Resource Locally

Your money is spent in the local economy when we source building materials and food. Two houses built per week create 14 full time jobs.


Participate Globally

Life-changers, like you, from around the world bring their resources together to expand their individual impact.


Shared Accountability

Resources go to the people you want to impact. Amor has been a member of EFCA since 1993.



You will get the experience you expect to get or we'll make it right.

Experience La Cocina

  1. Talk with La Cocina
  2. Ask your Trip Advisor to add La Cocina to your trip
  3. Return to camp after a busy work day and enjoy!
  4. When you return home, recommend La Cocina to a friend.
  5. Try a La Cocina Recipe out on your own!

Talk with La Cocina

How do I bring the traditional flavors of Mexico home?

Download this recipe for the traditional Mexican meal, Puerco de Nopales. This recipe will have your family experiencing the tastes and textures unique to this beautiful country. Provecho!