South Africa

Mission Trips to South Africa

Since 2008 Amor has worked alongside the local church in South Africa to bring reconciliation and housing. Recognizing the same need that inspired our work in Mexico for the past 33 years, Amor has returned to South Africa each summer to build homes. The key to our work in Mexico, working through local pastors, is also the cornerstone of our work in South Africa.


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Mission Trip Opportunities

Amor aims to provide each mission team with the tools and resources that are necessary to build a home for a needy family.


Individuals and Small Groups

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You can sign up to come to South Africa with Amor on your own, with friends, family, or a group from your church. You will join together with our partner – Urban Saints from the UK – to support the local pastors working in this community. During the trip you will build a home for a family in need, put on an outreach in the community, and connect with people from all over the world. Join us as we work together to bring healing to the beautiful country of South Africa by bringing hope to those in need.

Contact one of our mission trip coordinators for more details about this mission opportunity. 



Women of Strength

July 20-30, 2016 Ι $1300

The Women of Strength trip will take you on a spiritual journey as you learn about other cultures from all over the globe including South Africa.  Over a 10 day period you will be immersed in the different cultures of South Africa and be a part of empowering women no matter where they are from or where they live.  This trip will include a visit to the historical Soweto as well as the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.  You will serve alongside local women in the community of Botleng building a home with a family in need.  There will be spiritual formation through study and worship back at the Ebenezer farm which will be our residence for 10 days.  You will attend a local Zulu church and hear the stories of the pastors that serve alongside of Amor and their desire to change their churches, their communities, and their world! 

Come join us - from 10 years old to 85 years old - and be a Woman of Strength!

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