Scott Congdon


Scott co-founded Amor in 1980. He is the Chief Encouraging Officer/Founder - serving the most amazing team of servant leaders. He loves working at Amor because: "We are passionate about ending extreme homelessness and poverty." A random fact about Scott is that he loves traffic free chocolate and coffee.


Gayla Congdon


Gayla co-founded Amor in 1980. She holds the position of Founder and Chief Spiritual Officer. She oversees the staff’s spiritual health, as well as communicates the goals, mission, and purpose of the organization to its constituents. She loves working at Amor because she gets to convey her passion of being a follower of Christ through the art of storytelling with an emphasis on how God wants to use all of us to impact the world.


Andy Lyde

Chief Operating Officer

Andy has been on the Amor Team since 2002. He translates the long-term vision of Amor to the day-to-day operations. When asked what he loves about working at Amor he says, "Ever since I took my first Amor trip as a 15 - year old, God has continued to meet me in new ways through Amor. I get to serve with people from around the world and discover more and more what God's kingdom looks like." His least favorite food: Coconut. "I can't eat coconut. I've tried but I just can't. I'm a vegetarian and I'll eat meat if a family I'm serving offers it, but I have not conquered coconut yet."


Alyssa Stegomoller

La Cocina Team Leader

Alyssa has been on staff since 2014. She overseas hospitality and the La Cocina program, ensuring that our groups have amazing food during their trips. Why she loves Amor? "I love working at Amor because I'm able to make a physical and spiritual difference in people's lives not just in Mexico but all around the world." Interesting fact: Alyssa says she is the biggest Purdue fan you will ever meet. "I bleed black and gold."

Mariah Bliss

Impact Trip Coordinator
Mariah joined the Amor team in 2017. She works closely with group leaders making sure their Impact Trips go with out a hitch. She also just started my Masters program at Fuller Theological Seminary to receive her Mdiv with an emphasis in Youth, Family, and Culture.

Amy Mathis

Outreach Coordinator

Amy has been on the Amor Team since 2012. She gets to play with beautiful children from Mexico, South Africa, and India, teaching them about Jesus’ love. She also works alongside women from all over the world with the same passion for Jesus and serving. She loves being a part of ministering to and encouraging families who are raising the next generation of Christ followers. Her prayer is that this next generation will make an impact in creating justice and changing the world for God's Kingdom. She loves working at Amor because: "Amor has taken action against poverty for over 30 years by providing homes for the homeless, keeping families together. This is Jesus’ love revealed and I am so thankful He has chosen me to be a little part of it." An interesting fact about Amy is that Daniel Boone is her uncle. 

Kirstie Wilson

Impact Trip Coordinator
Kirstie joined the Amor team in 2017. She works closely with our California groups making sure their Impact Trips go smoothly. She loves to read, spend time with her son, and bake cookies. 


April Congdon

Marketing Lead & Cienega Development

April has been on the Amor Team since 2013. She developed a heart for service committing to live out the Great Commission to “Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life…  (Matt 28:19 MSG).” early in college and God has been directing her steps toward Amor ever since. She is studying Cross-Cultural Business in Missions through Hope International University and is preparing with her husband Jordan to move to Puerto Morelos, MX where they will lead an Amor team in the development of Cienega. Growing up she loved the historical figure of Pocahontas. “I wanted to be like her: strong, beautiful, and willing to risk it all to make a difference in the world!”


Dan Quezada

Business Manager

Dan has been with Amor since 2005. In 2014 he became Amor's Business Manager; his primary responsibilities include Risk and Liability Management, Facility Management, Tenant relations, Asset Management, and Information Technology. He loves working at Amor because: "The harder we work, the more good we accomplish. You can't say that about most jobs." A interesting fact about Dan is that he no longer has every body part that he was born with. Dan would like to say "Be careful kids."


Erin Lyde

Integration Specialist

Erin has been on the Amor Team since 2002. She deals with human resources functions like employee benefits and recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. She also oversees the year-long intern program, Project Nexus program, Project Barnabas program, and the Amor/DNA comprehensive program.  She loves working at Amor because: "My love for Amor started when I was 15 and took my first mission trip to Mexico. My worldview expanded and my heart grew. I also participated in Project Nexus and Project Barnabas, programs that I now get to oversee. I love my coworkers, our volunteers, our participants, our pastors, and the families we build for. I feel that God calls us to serve the poor, and I am lucky to be a part of Amor in doing this. I also love overseeing programs that were significant in my life, and providing these opportunities to others." Erin's interesting fact is that she has an irrational fear of slugs. 


LaDonna Barron

Amor Impact Trips Manager

LaDonna has been on staff with Amor since 1994. Currently she facilitates our Women of Strength & Family Camp trip as well as assists with all of the other Amor Impact trips. She loves being apart of the Amor Team and acts as a constant guide for advice and spiritual insight. To know LaDonna is to love LaDonna!


Fernando Sanchez

Field Specialist - Construyendo Esperanza

Fernando has been on the Amor Team since 2002. He works with groups in Mexico. He helps them through the building process and makes sure that they are safe and have everything they need to be successful. He loves working at Amor because he gets to provide Mexican families with a better place to live. Fernando's favorite cartoon is GI Joe. 


Forrest Fowler

Relationship Manager/NW Representative

Forrest has been on staff since 1996. He lives in Oregon and represents Amor in the Pacific Northwest.  He loves working to make the connection between a donor's passion and the mission of Amor. He also oversees Amor's 3 Day Trips. This is what he says about working at Amor : "I love working with a ministry that has an impact in so many ways. It is life changing for the families that receive a home, the local church, and the individual participants." Forrest's interesting fact is that he has seen the Dave Matthews Band in concert over 70 times. 


Greg Segrest

Baja Field Manager

Greg has been on staff since January 2014. He works with groups during their trip down into Mexico. He coaches them through the building process, looks out for their safety, and makes sure that they have everything they need to make their trip successful. Greg loves working at Amor because: "Everything. They are truly a family." His favorite cartoon is the original 80's Transformers cartoon.


Jeff Ahlberg

Marketing & Sales Specialist

Jeff has been with Amor since 2003. He maintains relationships with churches and other Amor groups as well as seeks out new groups that may be interested in participating in an Amor mission trip. He also assists with the design of Amor publications and Amor Store merchandise. He loves working for Amor because it lends him a front row seat to watch God work. He says it is a very rewarding thing to know that God is using him to help those in need. It has also allowed him the opportunity to learn new skills throughout his time serving here. Jeff's least favorite food is water chestnuts. He says there is no good reason to eat them!


Jessica Edwards

Impact Trip Advisor Team Leader

Jessica has been on staff with Amor since 2015. She works closely with trip leaders, assisting them plan their Amor Impact Trip. She works to provide excellent service and programs here at Amor Ministries. She loves working at Amor because her heart is in full-time ministry and loves seeing the church come together. An interesting fact about Jessica is that she has visited over 50 countries.


Jon Wilson

Global Field Manager

Jon has been on the Amor Team since 2002. He represents Amor with our Mexico Ministry Planning boards, oversees field operations for Baja, Puerto Penasco, Cuidad Juarez, and San Carlo. He also wins chili cook-offs and talks a lot about the Seahawks. What does Jon love about working for Amor? "Tacos". Jon's favorite cartoon : A tie between GI Joe, ThunderCats, and Bob's Burgers.


Jordan Congdon

Mission Development & Spiritual Life

Jordan has been on the Amor Team since 2013. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in American Studies and Ethnicity, then went on to earn his Masters of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary where his passion for racial justice united with God’s heart for all of creation. He and his wife April are preparing to move to Puerto Morelos, Mexico and lead an Amor team in establishing Cienega. "I don't know any life other than being a part of Amor - the best part is getting to serve alongside my wife, my parents, and the rest of our amazing team."


Katrina Thomas

Impact Programs Coordinator
Katrina joined the Amor team in 2017 to oversee Project Transform and encourage spiritual growth and transformation for those who come on our intensive trips. Her passions include spirituality, community, and a cup of Ethiopian coffee. "Ethiopian coffee, pour over--yes please!"

Marolin Stempson

Constituent Services

Marolin has been a part of Amor since 1988. She talks with the trip planners following their trip, does data entry of the trip participants, and maintains the constituent database. Why she loves Amor? "Amor is an encouraging, supportive and challenging organization. While the mission and the ministry are always taken seriously, there is plenty of time to celebrate as a group. We work hard and play hard." An interesting fact about Marolin is that her side job is working as a cellar rat for Uppa Creek Winery.


Melissa Segrest

Executive Assistant

Melissa has been a part of the Amor Team since 2014. She keeps the founders, officers, and management team in communication with everyone. Melissa loves being able to wake up and know that she's helping to serve the people of God's kingdom. One of the best things she has found since joining Amor is hearing all the awesome stories of how God used people in different ways and how their lives were changed. Her least favorite food is peas. She say "I have tried different ways and I can't do it. I always figure out a way to pick them out when I know they are in a dish."


Montse Laborin

First Impressionist

Monste maintains Amor's donor database and inputs all incoming donations. She also recieves all incoming phone calls, mail, and guests at the Amor Global Headquarters. Monste loves working at Amor because: "I get to serve God at all times. I love the families, the groups, my co-workers, I just love everything." An interesting fact about her is that her mom is from Spain, her dad is from Mexico, she was born in San Diego, and she grew up in Tijuana. 


Nick Rawson

Lead Data Analyst

Nick has been a part of the Amor Team since 2012. He maintains Amor's donor database and inputs all incoming donations. He also does statistical analysis of various parts of the ministry. Nick loves working at Amor because: "I love the mission of Amor and the people I work with." A interesting fact about Nick is that he once used hot glue to fix a window that had been broken by a frisbee. 


Ryan English


Ryan has been on staff with Amor since 2015. He oversees all of Amor's books.  He loves working at Amor because: "I love being able to work alongside people of faith and who care about the world." An interesting fact about Ryan is that he spent 3 years in East Africa and speaks Swahili.


Steve Horrex

Global Expansion

Steve has been on staff with Amor since 1982. He is the lead representative to all foreign governments and their agencies. He oversees all research and development of building designs throughout the ministry locations. He also manages the global research and development of all the international ministry endeavors, and serves as one of the leaders for our Mexican and South African companies: Comision de Amor, Construyendo Esperanza, and Amor Ministries South Africa. When asked why he loves working at Amor: "After 32 years I still love coming to work, which isn't really work to me. I Love it and I know I am called to serve here. I also love that my family knows and loves the ministry like I do." Steve's least favorite food is egg plant cooked anyway possible. 


Trey Bosecker

Field Specialist
Trey has been on staff with Amor since 2014. He assists groups as they work in the field. He provides them with whatever they may need (materials, tools, tips/advice, etc.). "I love working at Amor because I am able to combine two of my passions, building homes and serving people. I also love seeing the impact the homes have on the home recipients, as well as on the trip participants." Trey's least favorite food is raisins. "They are a waste of a perfectly good grape."

Alicia Hernandez

La Cocina Head Chef

Alicia has been on the La Cocina team since 2011. She works for Amor because she thinks it's one of the things that God has given her to serve others and be a blessing . "What grace received grace I give you". "God bless each person who gives part of their life and their love to each house, I am so glad to get to be a part of this." One of Alicia's favorite foods is stuffed chiles. "A funny thing is when we serve large groups, we run from one side of the serving tables to another to bring beans & rice, yet somehow the carne asada is always missing..."


Alfredo Chavez

Juarez Operations Coordinator - Construyendo Esperanza

Alfredo has been on the Construyendo Esperanza team since 2002. He loves Building Hope and helping people without many resources. His favorite food is Chiles Rellenos and his favorite movie...anything with action. Alfredo's hidden talent is that he can draw cartoon characters. He does not like peanut butter sandwiches.


Elias Ponce

Field Specialist - Construyendo Esperanza
Elias has been on the Construyendo Esperanza team since 2016 --He works alongside and helps facilitate the groups while impacting the communities we serve. He loves working for Construyendo Esperanza because he grew up working near the Ministry. “My father is a pastor (community leader) and his example has left a legacy in my life, which consists of loving God and serving others. Helping others is something that I love and I know God has called me to do. I am very grateful and excited for this opportunity to meet new people and be part of a very special team that manages to positively impact others who need a light of love and hope.” Elias also loves photography because he can tell stories and convey emotion through the photos he takes. The food he definitely does not like is liver.


Miguel Dominguez

Logistics Coordinator - Construyendo Esperanza
Miguel has been on the Construyendo Esperanza team since 2007. He loves the great work done by Amor. His father Angel was the first pastor with Amor Ministries so he grew up watching him provide for families in his community through a home. That taught him to see much more closely the needs of families and how to deal with families with love and patience. Back in 1990, before Amor used GPS to map their houses, Miguel had to climb up a high mountain in order to draw a map of the communities where Amor worked. "I am glad that is over!" His favorite food is beef stew with lots of chili!

Luis Millan

Mexico Business Coordinator / Government Liaison - Construyendo Esperanza
Luis is the Mexican Business Manager, the legal representative for Comision de Amor and Construyendo Esperanza, civil organizations that Amor Ministries works through in Mexico. He has been on the Construyendo Esperanza team since 2001. "I like working for Amor because I like helping people." He likes music & football (soccer...  the real football Hahaha).

Osvaldo Mendoza

Logistics Coordinator - Construyendo Esperanza

Osvaldo has been on the Construyendo Esperanza team since 2015. He is all about Building Hope. He especially appreciates the moral and spiritual support through the pastors he works with. Helping the families get a home really inspires him. His favorite food is seafood and his favorite movie is Peter Pan. Osvaldo loves playing soccer .