La Cocina

La Cocina Food and Tent Service

What is La Cocina?

Every day, the Amor Team works to make the Amor Mission Trip an impactful trip that can be done in simple and affordable ways. Our desire is to serve you and support the Mexican Church.

That goal is what brought about our new food program, La Cocina! La Cocina is an authentic Mexican meal experience provided by Amor and the Baja Ministry Planning Board. A team made up of Pastors’ wives and members of their church will cook for your team.

Not only does it support the local church by providing jobs, it also allows your group to connect with the Mexican culture on a deeper level and, hopefully, makes your trip easier and more affordable. For a reasonable cost, your team will eat well! La Cocina includes three meals per day, a snack and dessert after dinner.

Hot breakfast will be served every morning along with instant oatmeal. Before breakfast you will make sandwiches and pack your lunch to take to the worksite. Gatorade and water will also be provided for the worksite each day. A snack of fruits, vegetables, etc. will be available at camp when you return from the worksite. Dinner is authentic Mexican cuisine such as tostadas, bistec ranchero or birria. Some of the entrees you may be familiar with, others may be new to you! Each dinner will end with a Mexican dessert. A beverage tent will be available at camp with ice water, Gatorade, coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate throughout the day.


2016: $23 per person/per day for meals.  If you would like tents provided as well they are $10 per person/per night


Want to know what meals you might be served? View a sample of our current menu.

Questions? Contact Us!

If you have questions about La Cocina, please call Mission Services at 619.662.1200 ext. 6 or e-mail.


Camping Pros Food and Tent Service

Camping Pros provides another option to have your food and tents provided during your mission trip. Camping Pros has beenworking with Amor Ministries since 1999 and has served hundreds of Amor mission trip groups in Mexico with their food and tenting needs. Camping Pros serves a more traditional camp style menu and their services include a variety of hearty meals and drinks throughout your mission trip. A tenting option includes setup and takedown of all your tents with sleeping pads.


Please call Camping Pros directly at 858.312.6777 or visit the Camping Pros website for more information on what’s included, menus, special dietary needs, locations, testimonials, current rates and availability.

If you are planning to use Camping Pros during your trip, please let us know when you register your mission trip with us. You will need to pay Camping Pros directly for your reservation.