South Africa

Mission Trips to South Africa

Since 2008 Amor has worked alongside the local church in South Africa to bring reconciliation and housing. Recognizing the same need that inspired our work in Mexico for the past 33 years, Amor has returned to South Africa each summer to build homes. The key to our work in Mexico, working through local pastors, is also the cornerstone of our work in South Africa.

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Mission Trip Opportunities

Amor aims to provide each mission team with the tools and resources that are necessary to build a home for a needy family.

Mission Trip to South Africa

Individuals and Small Groups

July 11th – 19th, 2015 | $1200

You can sign up to come to South Africa with Amor on your own, with friends, family, or a group from your church. You will join together with our partner – Urban Saints from the UK – to support the local pastors working in this community. During the trip you will build a home for a family in need, put on an outreach in the community, and connect with people from all over the world. Join us as we work together to bring healing to the beautiful country of South Africa by bringing hope to those in need.

Contact one of our mission trip coordinators for more details about this mission opportunity. 

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Women of Strength Mission Trip

Women of Strength

July 2016 - Dates and Cost TBA

The trip will include working together with women to build a home for a family in need, a tour of Soweto, cultural activities, and corporate worship time. We want to provide a way for women to serve alongside - and for - women from all over the globe. In hope of raising up a generation of strong women – girls as young as 11 will be included in this trip.

Exact trip dates and cost will be announced in early 2015, check back for updated info.

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Country Profile

Situated on the southern tip of Africa between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the beautiful country of South Africa is hailed as ‘the miracle nation’ for its successful transition from an oppressive apartheid system to a democratic government in 1994.

Boasting abundant natural resources and excellent infrastructure, South Africa bears all the hallmarks of a highly developed country. However, considerable economic and social problems remain from the apartheid era and unemployment figures are high. One third of the population lives on less than two dollars a day. Extreme poverty in rural areas continues to drive people to the cities in search of employment, with 57% of the population now living in overcrowded urban areas.

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South Africa Map

12 Million

Live below the poverty line

7.5 Million

In need of safe housing


Unemployment rate

The Need

In the light of these issues and despite proactive government policies, almost 10 million South Africans live in poverty housing. This is characterized by vast informal settlements known as “townships” surrounding modern cities that resemble the most developed in the world. Occupants of townships (mostly black South Africans) often live without adequate services in overcrowded shacks pieced together with cardboard, corrugated iron, and scrap wood.

Economic Challenges

Over one million homes have been built and services have been extended to millions of people. Nonetheless, the government estimates that an additional two to three million units still need to be provided. This backlog is exacerbated by high unemployment (in the neighborhood of 50% in most townships), leaving millions of people unable to afford basic necessities. The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) recently noted:

“While Africans make up 76% of the population, their share of income amounts to only 29% of the total. Whites, who make up less than 13% of the population, take away 58.5% of total income.”

Congress of South Africa Trade Unions


The HIV/AIDS pandemic, with 4.2 million South African infected is adding to the development problem. It is estimated that GDP will be 17% lower for 2010 than it would be without AIDS.

Our work in South Africa will do more than just make life easier for a family in need; we will open hearts to truly see the grace and love of Jesus by providing the tangible objects of security, safety, and stability and it begins with a home.

The Latest from the Field

Read the latest updates of our work in South Africa.