Customizable to Your Needs

Many group mission trips come in the form of a box that your group has to fit into. Or the mission trip leaves you wondering if you really did make a difference. Either way you question the time and money spent in your quest to serve.

Is there a way to know you are making a real impact and have a trip customizable to your group’s specific needs?

A Trusted Partner

Since 1980 Amor has been helping leaders like you safely and effectively build homes to keep families together. Choose the services you want from Amor and the services you want to provide for yourself.

We know that your trip with Amor is part of a larger plan you have for your group and we want to help you meet those goals while being confident you are making an impact.

Amor Yucatan Peninsula Trips

Your Amor trip to the Yucatan Peninsula starts with coming alongside the local community to serve. You'll enjoy a stay at a local hotel or rental property. Trip options are available for groups from 2-20.

Tortugas Sports Engagement

This activity lets you support our sports program that is active all year round. You will be able to interact with some of the players within the program as well as perform various activities that support the ministry. Please note that the options available will depend on seasons and availability.

Community Engagements

Puerto Morelos has a variety of needs that may include working with families, kids, parents, mothers, etc. The intent is to come alongside the community to improve quality of life and share the Good News of the Gospel.

Community Engagement module options include:

  • Kids Club
  • Improvement to Tortugas facilities
  • Community Health Initiatives
  • Mayan Community Engagement
  • Housing Provisions

For more information on our community engagement options, please visit our 2020 pricing page.

Housing Options

You will need a good bed to sleep on after a hard day of work! Amor has two options for your group.

  • You'll have the option to stay in either a local hotel or rental property
  • Meals are provided either through your hotel or in collaboration with a local chef

The Amor Agreement

Our agreement to you and your group.


Lead Locally

Local community leaders decide what needs in their community need help from outside sources. They know best.


Resource Locally

Your money is spent in the local economy when we source building materials and food. Two houses built per week create 14 full-time jobs.


Participate Globally

Life-changers, like you, from around the world bring their resources together to expand their individual impact.


Shared Accountability

Resources go to the people you want to impact. An independent third party audits Amor every year.



You will get the experience you expect to get or we'll make it right.

Ready to Come Build Hope?

  1. Talk with an Amor Trip Coordinator
  2. Follow our easy and comprehensive planning guide.
  3. Show up with your group and build hope!
  4. After you return home, debrief the trip with your group and encourage them to share their stories with their friends & family.
  5. Give $15/month to Amor 365 to ensure more families have a safe place to live.

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How do I prepare my team for the most impact on any service trip?

Download the Before and After Trip Guide. This guide will help you prepare your team for cross-cultural service and pull out what they learned after the trip.

What's included:

  • Complete before trip training to get your team in the mindset of learners.
  • Complete after trip debrief to process and apply what you learned on the trip.
  • Customizable to your group.

Build a home alongside a family in need

  • One price covers everything from arrival to departure at your location. Just show up.
  • Groups of 15 to 1000 people of any age.
  • Locations in Mexico and South Africa.

Looking for other trip options?

Create jobs in local economy

  • An average Amor Impact Trip provides work for 15 local people.
  • Locally sourced materials and food.

Why Homes and Jobs?