Building Homes. Creating Jobs.

What happens when you donate or come on an Impact Trip.


Keeps Families Together

Having inadequate shelter provides stress for a family that can lead to separation with individuals looking for work in other cities. Inadequate shelter can also cause parents to decide they cannot care for their children which could lead to institutionalization of the children, children being sent to live with friends or family members creating separation of parents and children, or outright abandonment. A home keeps a family together and a job that provides a living wage allows a family to care for itself.

Averts Trafficking

Human trafficking, in many parts of the world, is a migration problem. When people are separated from their community because of their need for work, they are vulnerable to traffickers. A home allows a family to stay intact.

Promotes Health & Education

Having a cement floor and shelter that protects a family from the elements dramatically increases their health. Kids are more likely to attend school when they aren't sick, and with the solid foundation of a concrete floor they aren't as sick as often. A home helps children get education that could break the cycle of poverty.

Battles Extreme Poverty

Shelter is a basic need and lack of it creates stress. When someone receives a home, a basic need is cared for that allows them to put their energies and resources toward activities that will further provide for their family. This allows them to plan and dream for a hopeful future. A home is a stepping stone.

Promotes Dignity

Parents want to provide for their family. Being in a position to receive handouts of basic necessities chips away at dignity. A job that provides a living wage allows a family to care for itself.

Strengthens Communities

Creating jobs allows individuals to provide for themselves and their families, and this in turn creates a thriving community.

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